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A Day at Judson with Rick Wormeli: "Standards-Based Assessment and Grading: What 4-12 Literacy Teachers Need to Know"

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Seminar Schedule

Mon., March 7, 2016

Lindner Campus Commons

8:00am Coffee and tea with pastries
8:30am Seminar Begins
10:15am - 10:30am Break
12:00pm - 12:45pm Lunch Provided
2:15pm - 2:30pm Dessert Break
3:30pm Seminar Ends

Monday, March 7, 2016 at 8 a.m.
Lindner Campus Commons - Judson University

Rick Wormeli on the Day:

"Assessment and grading create very real futures for students, so they need to be accurate, ethical, and standards-based. Some of us struggle, however, with what that really means. Join me for a provocative look at assessing and grading in today’s literacy classrooms, including conversations on: evidence for mastery, re-do’s, homework, gradebooks, formative/summative/common assessments, special education reporting, grading scales, the end of averaging, and more. Candid and practical, this is the day to get your questions answered!"

Attend this event and earn 6 PD Hours!

About Rick Wormeli

Learn more about Rick Wormeli.

Author of...
Fair Isnt Always Fair

Fair Isn't Always Equal

"Differentiated instruction is a nice idea, but what happens when it comes to assessing and grading students? What's both fair and leads to real student learning? Fair Isn't Always Equal answers that question and much more. Rick Wormeli offers the latest research and common sense thinking that teachers and administrators seek when it comes to assessment and grading in differentiated classes. Filled with real examples and “gray” areas that middle and high school educators will easily recognize, Rick tackles important and sometimes controversial assessment and grading issues constructively."


Differentiation: From Planning to Practice

"In this refreshing addition to differentiated learning literature, Rick Wormeli takes readers step-by-step from the blank page to a fully crafted differentiation lesson. Along the way he shows middle and high school teachers and behind-the-scenes planning that goes into effective lesson design for diverse classrooms. Rick demonstrates how to weave common and novel differentiation strategies into all subjects and offers clear advice about what to do when things don't go as expected. Based on nearly thirty years of experience as a teacher and instructional coach, Rick's thoughtful and imaginative classroom accommodations will help teachers succeed with advanced students, struggling students, English language learners, and students across the multiple intelligences spectrum."


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