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A Day at Judson with Steve Layne: "In Defense of Read-Aloud K-12"

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Seminar Schedule

Thur., March 5, 2015

Lindner Campus Commons

8:00am Coffee and tea with pastries
8:30am Seminar Begins
12:00pm - 12:45pm Lunch Provided
2:15pm - 2:30pm Dessert Break
3:30pm Seminar Ends

Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 8:00 a.m.
Lindner Campus Commons - Judson University

Steve Layne on the Day:

"Reading aloud. It shouldn’t need a defense, but it does. I intend to settle the issue of why it is sound practice, best practice in every grade level K-12, once...and for all. We’ll consider the unparalleled research base as well as the practicality of instruction as we delve into issues such as the artistry of oral delivery, the significance of book selection, and the myriad of substantial benefits to readers of all ages."

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About Steve Layne

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Author of...
In Defense of Read-Aloud

In Defense of Read-Aloud

"Researchers and practitioners stand in solidarity: the practice of reading aloud throughout the grades is not only viable but also best practice. Read-aloud is an essential practice in teaching literacy in grades K-12, and in this book, Steven Layne has provided everything needed to support, sustain, and celebrate the power of read-aloud. In Defense of Read-Aloud reinforces readers' confidence to continue the practice of reading aloud and presents the research base to defend the practice in grades K-12. Steven Layne also offers significant practical insights to strengthen instructional practice—answering the questions of 'Why should we?' and 'How should we?'—and provides practical advice about how to use read-alouds most effectively."


Igniting a Passion for Reading

Igniting a Passion for Reading

"When teaching reading, educators often focus exclusively on skills instruction. But how can you teach the 'skill' without the 'will?' In his book, Igniting a Passion for Reading, Steven Layne shows teachers how to develop readers who are not only motivated to read great books but who also love reading in its own right. Packed with practical ways to engage and inspire readers from kindergarten through high school, this book is a must-have on every teacher's professional bookshelf. From detailed preview lessons and book shopping to reading lounges and 'status of the class' sessions, this book will help schools create a vibrant reading culture."


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