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Value of Your Online Degree from Judson University

The degree you earn from Judson University holds tremendous value to you as you advance in your career. You’ll gain knowledge by studying the most relevant topics related to your field of study from faculty members who have both professional experience and a desire to see you succeed.

Not only do we provide an education with practical application to your career, but we also infuse your learning with a Christian worldview that we believe is vital to your success in work and in life.

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Opportunities for Success

Your success at Judson University will provide you opportunities in your life and in your career. We want to help you be successful by providing you with the best online classroom technology available that helps you learn in a distance-learning environment. We also make sure that what you are learning can be directly applied to your career.


When you attend Judson University, you receive a quality education from an accredited institution ranked as one of the best comprehensive colleges and universities by U.S. News and World Report. Judson University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. (312-263-0456 or

This accreditation is important because it means that we maintain a high standard of academic excellence and that our programs provide you with the knowledge and practical skills relevant to your professional career.

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Our Faculty

Our students continually report on the positive impact our faculty members make on their educational experience as they progress through their adult education courses. We know the importance of providing you with qualified instructors who also have experience in the subject they’re teaching.

Our online instructors are dedicated to your success, which increases the value you gain with an education from Judson.  

A Focus on Ethics in Learning

At Judson University, we place great value on the Christian foundation that is our heritage. We believe that by following biblical guidelines in every area of life, we benefit both ourselves and those around us.

You will receive a faith-based education that includes the study and development of ethical principles, based on Christian beliefs, that will serve to guide you as you encounter ethical dilemmas in work and in life.

Student Stories

I could have never finished college without the Adult Undergraduate Program. It has been a lifesaver for me and gave me a new start in life. - Mary DeBoer


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