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Online Technical Requirements

Computer Skills

  • Basic familiarity with an integrated office suite
  • Ability to open, save, and print files
  • Basic Internet/web browser skills
  • Ability to send and receive email with attachments

Technological Specifications

Platform:  Windows XP, 2000, ME, Mac OS9, Mac OSX (Windows XP preferred.)

Hardware:  512 MB of RAM (1 GB preferred), 1 GB of free disk space

Software:  Microsoft Office Suite 2007 will be sent to online students who need it. (Some internet assignments will need Adobe Acrobat Reader & Shockwave which can be downloaded for free just before you complete the activity. Macromedia Flash Player will also be necessary.)

Browser:  Java enabled browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer, 6.0 edition or greater. (Netscape Communicator 5.5 or greater has presented problems for students. If your internet service provider is AOL, you will want to use Internet Explorer 6.0 after you have logged onto the internet with the AOL browser.  Unfortunately, the AOL browser is sometimes incompatible with the Blackboard course platform.)

Modem:  56 K or higher (high-speed broadband, cable, or DSL preferred)

Student Stories

Judson has made my dream of obtaining my Bachelor's degree a reality and I will always be grateful and appreciative for that, and for all the people I have met along the way that made it possible for me to achieve this. - Anna Johnson

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