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Jonathan Krager

Christine TreDenick (Russo)

Management and Leadership - Human Resource Management, 2009
Customer Care Manager
Batavia, IL


What do you do in your current job and what do you enjoy about it?
I am a part-time Adjunct Instructor at Judson University. I really enjoy mentoring and leading Adult Learners.

How did your Judson experience influence you professionally? What were your favorite parts of being a Judson student?
My experience at Judson inspired growth in all areas of my life. I love the way that Judson combines academic with spiritual growth. I was able to develop my leadership skills under the direction of exceptional instructors like Dr. Cook and Tim Carlson. The career support I received was an extraordinary help in putting my skills and gifts into words so that I could be confident pursuing a career. I enjoyed my cohort experience the most in which I not only built permanent friendships but have also extended my family and loving support through my cohort team experience.

What are the strengths of your major/program at Judson?
The strength of the Adult Undergraduate and Master's programs is that it gives adults a realistic way to complete a Bachelor's and Master's degree while carrying on with their home and work lives. I was able to complete both degrees (BA and MAOL) in under 6 years as a single mother working full-time. God will provide all that are needed to complete his plan in us.

What advice can you give to current and prospective students about their time at Judson?
You can do it! You are coming to this crossroad for a reason and an education is the best investment you can make. No other experience will shape you and develop your heart, mind and soul more.

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