Adult Undergraduate Majors - Judson University Christian College

Bachelor Degrees

Adult Professional Program - Elgin, Rockford & Online

All of our Adult Undergraduate majors are offered at the Elgin Campus, the Rockford Campus, and Online. In addition, we offer the unique opportunity for earning a second major through our degree completion program.

B.A. in Applied Psychology

If you are looking for a degree that will prepare you to apply psychological theories and methodologies to solve practical problems of human behavior and manage people in a variety of occupational settings and fields, the Applied Psychology major is a great fit.

B.A. in Business Administration

The Business Administration major is ideal for those looking to succeed in business roles and learn from business instructors who have years of real-world experience and incorporate real-life business applications into the classroom.

B.A. in Human Services

Ideal for those who are interested in careers in the human services field or would like to pursue graduate studies in human services, social services, or related fields. The Human Services major is taught by experienced professionals and the curriculum is integrated with Christian values.

B.A. in Organizational Leadership

The Organizational Leadership major is for those involved in or interested in areas of business and management or related fields. You’ll receive a broad business base that can be used in a variety of employment opportunities. This major is also available in an online format.

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