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Architecture Graduate Students Take Urbanism Design Honors

CNU-IL Design Awards - 2017(ELGIN, IL-March 16, 2017) Judson Architecture students in the graduate studio, Advanced Architecture and Urbanism, received the 2016 Academic Award for “Best Neighborhood, District and Corridor” from the Congress for the New Urbanism Illinois Chapter (CNU-IL).

The six Judson students won for their project called “Gowanus: From Resilience to Sustainability.” See more about their project here

The students included Justin Banda; Kay Havlicek; Tyler Hopwood; Marvin Reyes; Tyler E. Wade; and Andrew M. Witek. Judson Professor Dr. Christopher Miller guided the group.

“The jury was very impressed with the students' understanding of the context of the surrounding areas and the use of the river as an asset,” said CNU-IL Charter Awards Chair Stacey Meekins.

Each year, CNU-IL awards people and projects. A jury of design professionals determines which groups best fulfill and advocate for the restructuring of public policy and development practices to support a number of key principles, such as: diverse neighborhoods in use and population; communities designed for the pedestrian, transit and car; cities and towns shaped by universally accessible public spaces and community institutions; and urban places framed by architecture and landscape design that celebrate local history, climate, ecology and building practice.

Submitted projects represented: the region (metropolis, city and town); the neighborhood, district and corridor; as well as the block, the street and the building. The winners were recognized at CNU-IL’s Winter Social last December.

PICTURED: (left to right) Justin Banda; Professor Christopher C. Miller; Tyler E. Wade; Jennifer Settle (CNU-IL Board of Directors 2016 Chair); Marvin Reyes; Andrew M. Witek; Tyler Hopwood; and Stacey Meekins (CNU-IL Charter Awards Chair). Student Kay Havlicek is not pictured.

Photo courtesy: Kyle Schlegel of Verdical Photography

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