Delayed Start on Tuesday, January 28 | Judson University Christian College
Classes Delayed Until 1 p.m., Campus Offices Are Open on Tuesday, January 28

(UPDATED 1:18 p.m. January 28, 2014 - Elgin, IL) The Judson University campuses will be open tomorrow as initially communicated.  We are going to make these changes to the schedule.

Traditional and commuter Judson students, morning classes have been cancelled.  The regular class schedule will begin at 1 p.m. for all students with afternoon and evening classes meeting as scheduled in both Elgin and Rockford.  The dining hall hours will remain as originally posted, and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  For students living on campus, the shuttles will continue to run tomorrow morning as scheduled across campus in order for you to safely travel to the dining hall for breakfast and lunch.

We are still working to provide shuttle service for the afternoon so please be patient as we attempt to work on these details.

All campus offices will be open tomorrow for our standard hours.

Thank you for your patience during these challenging weather conditions.  Predicting weather patterns and temperatures, as we well know from professional meteorologists, is a difficult and imperfect science.  Thus, trying to balance the safety of our students, faculty and staff along with the academic needs of students, such as accommodating those desiring to graduate on time in May without further delay as well as not extending the academic year further into May, all must be weighed when considering these decisions.

Most importantly, we encourage the Judson community to be in prayer for the safety of our Plant Operations, Creative Dining and Campus Safety staff since they are diligently braving this weather to keep campus functioning and operating for those in the residence halls as well as our student athletes and students still conducting rehearsals today.  Their service is greatly appreciated.

Below is an update about today's shuttle service. NEW: The shuttle service schedule has been extended through dinner time, which goes from 5 - 6:45 p.m. So the shuttle is available from 7:30 a.m. until 6:45 p.m.
Shuttle stops will include:
•         Lindner Tower, main lobby doors
•         Library, 15-minute parking
•         Fitness Center
•         Dining Hall, lower level
•         Wilson Hall, lower level sidewalk before the bridge
•         Volkman Hall, 15-minute parking at North end

•         UPDATE:  Creekside South has also been added as a drop-off location for the shuttle service, so those going to Creekside will be dropped off at the bridge near the Plant Ops parking lot. However, students coming from Creekside South to another part of campus need to walk to the Lower Commons to avoid waiting on the bridge for the shuttle to pick them up. 

Please check your Judson University e-mail, the University website and social media for any additional shuttle service times..

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