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Illinois Students, Advocate for Your MAP Grant Funding
(Elgin, IL  May 25, 2011)  Judson students who reside in the state of Illinois are being called to advocate for their MAP grant funding! The Monetary Award Program (MAP) is a need-based grant that comes from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, which is funded by the State of Illinois, and provides funds for eligible students (based on their FAFSA report) in amounts up to $4,720 per year to help pay for tuition.

For the 2011-2012 year, students who filed their FAFSA on or before March 25, 2011, should get the grant because the state has already allocated the amounts anticipated to be approved by the Illinois General Assembly. The governor, however, has asked for a confirmation of those funds and an increase of $25 million. Students who filed after the above mentioned date will not receive the grant even if they are eligible for it.

If MAP were to be cut altogether from the budget it could result in a severe loss for every student and school in the state. For example, in the 2010-2011 year, 367 out of approximately 1,000 Judson undergraduate students (both traditional and adult) received MAP grants (over 33 percent of our undergraduate student body) totaling in over $1.4 million in funds paid to Judson University from the state on behalf of the students.

If you are an Illinois student, please contact your local legislators to advocate for the increase that the governor is requesting, and to ask them not to cut those funds that help students like yourself afford a quality college education. If you are not a current resident of the state of Illinois, you cannot participate.

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