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Judson Community Prays for Brothers and Sisters in Japan

(March 14, 2011 Elgin, Ill.) Today in Chapel, the Judson community lifted up in prayer our brothers and sisters in Japan as the country emerges from the devastation of the earthquake, tsunami and explosions at the nuclear power plants effected in the region.

“We quiet our hearts in grief for Japan. We know our Lord is sovereign over the universe, and so come to You in prayer. We pray for healing and restoration for our brothers and sisters affected by the earthquake and tsunami,” said Lisa Jarot, recruiter for international students, as she prayed in chapel.

Judson’s community is linked in many ways to Japan. As you pray for those impacted by these events, please also pray for these individuals from our Judson family:

  • Education Professor Linda Sasser, who had traveled to Japan to visit her son, has made contact with her colleagues and has survived the earthquake and tsunami well. She is seeking a return flight back and is waiting for air transportation to resume.
  • Alumni Linda and Kohei Meo (both are 1999 graduates) have contacted Judson to say that they have survived the quake and tsunami. They reside in Yokosuka in the Kanagawa province of Japan..
  • As of today, we still have not heard from our sister school Shokei Gakuin University, which is located in the mountains in Sendai City, Japan. Representatives from Shokei Gakuin University were on campus last December at graduation. A recent update from American Baptist Missionaries indicates that the University was above the tsunami levels. To read this information, see the following link:  

As we await news from those at the University and our friends in the area, we continue to ask for prayers and God’s mercies today and in the many days ahead as the region begins to grapple with the devastation. Judson's Communications Office will update this information as more news becomes available.

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