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Judson Hosts Nagaland Delegation

[Elgin, IL August 6, 2010] Judson University was pleased to recently host a group of unique visitors from faraway Nagaland for a few days in July. It is a rarity that such a large group of visitors would travel such a great distance to this small private institution, but the group of 23 men in the Nagaland Delegation were on an important mission to learn more about the modern Christian church in America.
During their stay at Judson, the Delegation was able to learn more of their rich Christian heritage and about Adoniram Judson, the University's namesake and the first American missionary to Burma. The group was also able to visit several surrounding institutions in the greater Chicago area, including the Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Lombard, the Billy Graham Center of Wheaton College in Wheaton, and Willow Creek's Sunday morning service in Barrington.

70 years ago, Nagaland was an uncharted territory governed by native tribes. Today, 65% of the Naga population of nearly two million people is Christian. Nagaland borders the Indian state of Myanmar, once known as Burma. The significant shift in Nagaland's religious culture is attributed to the Presbyterian and Baptist missions movement that originated in Burma. This movement began with a small group of dedicated Christian leaders who wanted to be the first to spread the Gospel in east Asia, among them, Adoniram Judson. Many of the missionaries who cultivated the modern Christian culture in Nagaland knew Adoniram Judson directly.

The Delegation's time at Judson was part of a tour of 10 American churches and Christian institutions. The tour began in Boston, with their final destination at the Baptist World Alliance in Honolulu, Hawaii. The group say they plan to use what they've learned to continue growing the  movement of modern Christianity in their home country.

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