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Judson University to "Stand Together" with Falls Free© Coalition to Observe Falls Prevention Awareness Day

(Elgin, IL - September 17, 2012) Judson University is sponsoring a Falls Awareness Day on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 from 9:30-11 a.m. at the Lindner Fitness Center, which will include an educational seminar, informational displays and a physical activity program focusing on balance.

This event coincides with the National Falls Free© Coalition, which is petitioning Congress to once again proclaim September 22 as the fifth annual National Falls Prevention Awareness Day.

This year’s theme, Standing Together to Prevent Falls, will unite professionals, older adults, caregivers, and family members to play a part in raising awareness and preventing falls in the older adult population.

“This day of awareness brings attention to a growing public health issue among older adults, but more importantly, the growing availability of proven falls prevention programs and interventions,” said (Bonita) Lynn Beattie, vice president of Injury Prevention with the National Council on Aging (NCOA), and leader of the Falls Free© Initiative. “We need to create a national prevention dialogue, and we welcome everyone to stand together to promote older adult safety and independence.”

Every 15 seconds, an older adult is seen in an Emergency Department for a fall-related injury. Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries for those aged 65 and over. Moreover, the chances of falling and of being seriously injured in a fall increase with age.

Studies show that a combination of interventions can significantly reduce falls in the older adult population. Experts recommend a physical activity regimen with balance, strength training, and flexibility components; consulting with a health professional about getting a fall risk assessment; having medications reviewed periodically; getting eyes checked annually; and making sure the home environment is safe and supportive.

Judson University joins other programs and the Falls Free© Coalition in declaring a statewide Falls Prevention Awareness Day. At senior centers and other community-based organizations across the United States, programs like A Matter of Balance, Tai Chi, and Stepping On help older adults gain the strength, improved balance, and confidence to help them live healthier lives and preserve their independence. Illinois is part of the Falls Free© Coalition, which includes more than 40 states and 70 national organizations, professional associations and federal agencies across the country dedicated to reducing fall-related injuries and deaths among older adults.

Seniors interested in attending the event can contact Judson's Exercise and Sports Science Department Chair Cathy Headley at cheadley@judsonu.edu or 847-628-1085.

For more information of Falls Free© Coalition (visit www.ncoa.org/FPAD) or contact Ken Schwartz at Ken.Schwartz@ncoa.org.

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