MAP Grant Alert: Judson University Christian College

State of Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP) Grant Alert 

(ELGIN, IL - August 13, 2009) In recent days, Judson University has become aware of changes within Illinois that will impact the funding for some traditional and adult undergraduate students who receive MAP grants from the state of Illinois for the Spring 2010 semester.

The state of Illinois has made changes to the MAP program for the 2009-2010. With the state’s ongoing budget short falls, the MAP program has received only half of the funding that was originally budgeted.  Due to this change, Spring 2010 funding has been eliminated. Your fall disbursement for MAP will be funded by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) as usual. 
At this time, there are no grant funds available to replace Spring 2010 MAP Grant awards; therefore, students are encouraged to seek alternative financial aid options for the Spring 2010 semester. These options include Parent PLUS loans or Private Student Loans. You can find more information on Judson’s financial aid page.

The Financial Aid Office will delay processing any Spring 2010 student or parent loans to replace Spring 2010 MAP Grant awards until after the completion of the Fall Semester. The State of Illinois will have a six-month review of its finances and we pray their economic situation will improve enough to restore the MAP monies for spring semester. Students will be notified of what financial aid options are available in December.

What You Can Do
Judson University is very concerned with how this change will impact you.  As a MAP recipient, you and your family can let decision makers know how their decisions affect you directly.  We urge you to call or write your State Representative, State Senator, and the Governor to let them know how the state’s budget cuts will impact you. Let them know how important it is for you to receive this MAP funding to complete your education at Judson University. Since the Governor has some discretionary funding, should you contact him – you may want to encourage him to make funding for MAP a priority.

ISAC has posted a letter for Parents and Students. You can view that letter by visiting the following link,

Information from the ISAC can also become talking points with your legislators. According to ISAC:

  • Most MAP recipients attending public universities and private institutions already have a maximum federal Stafford subsidized loan.
  • PLUS loans are usually not an option for these students, so the only recourse is non-subsidized private loans, which have high interest rates and are increasingly difficult to obtain in today's tight credit market. 
  • If these loans are available, the cumulative increase in borrowing for Illinois students could be around $200 million. 
  • Each drop-out costs the state about $5,350 in Pell funds; the cumulative effect could be as high as $200 million. 
  • State funding for MAP brings in more than $50 million in TANF matching money every year from the federal government, plus about $4 million in federal money for financial aid distributed through the MAP. These funds also would be lost due to the cuts in MAP.

At Judson, we are doing all we can to ensure that student costs are kept to a minimum. Over the last year, Judson has maintained tight reigns over its budgetary spending to keep costs as low as possible. We remain committed to doing all we can to ensure that you are able to continue your education at Judson. As more information becomes available to us, we will pass this news on to you.


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