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  • Attendance

    Attendance Policy

    Attendance and active participation at all face-to-face class sessions and significant activity in eLearn each week is expected. In the event an absence is necessary, students are encouraged to inform the instructor via email and/or the Adult Professional Studies front desk by telephone prior to an absence.

    Attendance is defined as:

    • Online Course: activity on the eLearn course site 3 out of 7 days per week
    • Face-to-Face Course: presence in class during the entire session
      • Tardiness: arrival later than 10 minutes after the start of a class session. Three late arrivals equal one absence. Arrivals 90 or more minutes after the start of a class session are considered absences and result in no participation points for that class session or class activity.
      • Leaving classroom during class sessions: patterns of this behavior result in diminished participation points for class sessions or activities at the discretion of the instructor.
      • Leaving class early: departure prior to the instructor's dismissal result in diminished participation points for the class session or activity at the discretion of the instructor
      • Participation points: no points for class participation or activities should be expected by absentees

    The following guidelines apply, regardless of course length:

    • One/Two credit hour course: no absences permitted
    • Three/Four credit hour course:
      • One absence:Acceptable if work can be made up by the student. If not, one letter grade reduction.
      • Two or more absences: Administrative Withdrawal Fail (AWF) from the course.

    *If the student wishes to appeal denial of a substitute assignment, it must be run through the Program Director to the Dean of the School of Leadership and Business with signatures from both. If the instrutor is willing to accept a substitute assignment, he/she will define it.


    A pattern of absences, e.g., missing class meetings in two or more consecutive courses or missing consecutive Saturday sessions, may result in an administrative withdrawal from the program. Any changes in course schedule also affects financial aid.

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