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Campus Safety Services 

General Services

Campus Safety Officers are non-sworn security professionals trained and equipped in less-lethal defense and restraint tactics including pepper spray, batons and tasers, as well as First Aid and CPR. Officers also receive training in conflict resolution, responding to mental health issues and other needs specific to campus law enforcement. Campus Safety Officers enforce campus rules and mandates, and intervene and report any violation of them. Campus Safety Officers do not have arrest powers. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are expected to cooperate with Campus Safety when providing identification and reporting incidents which might result in a breach of campus-wide security.

In addition, officers monitor local weather and serve as campus civil defense in warning the campus community of potential weather emergencies and directing them to designated safe havens. Again, students, employees and visitors are expected to comply with Campus Safety in the event of an emergency or evacuation.

Self-Defense Course

Self defense courses are offered each semester depending on interest, and are free for all students, staff and faculty.
To find out more, please send an email.

Emergency Blue Light Stations

There are three emergency Blue Light "push to call" Stations on campus for student and staff emergency use. The stations are connected directly to Judson University Campus Safety and are activated by pushing the talk button. Persons needing assistance or reporting an emergency should remain at the location until told to leave by a Campus Safety officer. The Blue Light Stations are located at:
1) The main entrance of the campus
2) Midway between Barton House and Browne Hall (the old library building)
3) Along the walk between Tyler Creek and the Thompson Center.

Bicycle Registration Program

Bicycle registration is a great tool for recovering lost or stolen bicycles, and a bicycle that is well-cared for lasts longer and performs better. All students and staff are required to register their bikes if they are going to ride them on campus. Registration is free and covers registration with the City of Elgin as well as the National Bike Registry for ten years. Unregistered bicycles may be seized as part of the Gotcha! program and if not claimed may be disposed of by Campus Safety.

Judson's bike registration program is featured in Bicycle NewsWire.

Campus Safety strongly urges bike owners to lock their bikes, due to ongoing problems with bike theft. To report a stolen bike please notify Campus Safety.

Need assistance with a bike problem? We have a certified bicycle mechanic on staff and offer assistance at no charge to students, staff and faculty. Send an email to Ofc. Furby.

Key Card Information

Key cards are distributed and maintained by the Department of Campus Safety. For dorm residents, keycards will be issued to resident directors who will issue them to their residents. There is a $25.00 fee for lost, stolen or destroyed cards.

Locked doors including keycard-access doors should never be propped open. Persons caught propping these doors open or tampering with locks are subject to a fine and other penalties.

Lost and Found

If you have lost or found an item on Judson University property, please visit the Campus Safety office. You can also report a lost item without making a trip by using this form

Building Access

Students wishing to gain access to locked buildings, offices, and areas need to have a staff or faculty member notify the office of Campus Safety ahead of time or present written permission from an appropriate staff or faculty member before access is granted. Both written and oral permission must contain the following: the students’ names, what they have permission to access, and the staff or faculty member’s signature. Anything less will be left to the officer-on-duty’s discretion. All building access will be reported in the officer’s daily report. Officers do not need any special permission to let a student or employee who has lost, forgotten, or misplaced their keys and access cards and have access to areas to which they would normally have access.

Campus Escorts

Students, employees, or visitors may call for an escort from dusk to dawn. In the event of a security alert, escorts will be given 24 hours a day. The officer will meet the individual and accompany them to their campus destination. Campus Safety considers escorts a top priority. Escorts are also available 24 hours a day to injured or disabled students. Please call extension 9999 to request an escort.

Motorist Assistance

Officers offer motorist assistance to students and employees with vehicle trouble at no charge. They are equipped with equipment for battery "jump-starts" and "lock-outs" and are encouraged to offer any other assistance based on the individual officer’s knowledge and experience.



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