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Q: Why does Campus Safety write parking tickets?

A: Because campus parking space is limited, it is important that everyone park their cars where they have been assigned to park, otherwise people may not be able to find parking in their own assigned lots. Parking rules and regulations are developed by Campus Safety in consultation with the Department of Student Development. The Department of Campus Safety is tasked with enforcing these rules and regulations, and issues citations to ensure that campus parking rules are respected. There is typically a fine attached to our citations, but you will notice that our fine structure and disciplinary process is more lenient than at many other schools, and in the past several years we have actually reduced the costs of fines we charge for violations. We are not here to take your money. We just want you to register your car and follow the parking rules.

Q: Can I park in a fire lane for just a minute to run inside or drop something off?

A:  The only way you can park on a roadway or in a building's fire lane is if you call Campus Safety at extension 9999 and receive advance permission. Campus Safety Officers will request your name, vehicle information, and purpose for temporarily parking on a roadway/fire lane and will approve your request depending on factors including traffic and scheduled events that would interfere with normal traffic flow. Vehicles parking in fire lanes or on roadways without being approved are subject to ticketing.

Q: Why should I call Campus Safety if I've already called 911? 

A: Because of their familiarity with the campus and the fact that they are already on campus when the emergency call is received, Campus Safety Officers typically arrive on scene before 911 emergency responders and are able to immediately begin stabilizing emergency situations. This can make a great deal of difference when every second counts. Also, Campus Safety Officers will often contact incoming fire, police and medical responders, providing them with directions to the scene and information - greatly increasing response efficiency.

Q: I am driving an unregistered car on campus temporarily. Who do I contact so I don't get booted?

A: Please contact Campus Safety at 847-622-9999 or visit our office to let us know if you will have a car on campus temporarily (14 days or less).  Be prepared to provide vehicle information. 

Q: How does the Campus Safety escort system work?

A: The Department of Campus Safety offers escorts to all students, staff and visitors from dusk to dawn. During occasions in which there is an apparent threat to the safety of the campus or in which the requesting party is disabled or injured, officers may provide escorts 24 hours a day. Officers may provide escorts on foot, on bicycle, or in a vehicle, at their discretion.

Q: What kind of training do Campus Safety Officers receive?

A: Campus Safety Staff Patrol Officers are selected for their outstanding attitude toward customer service as well as prior law enforcement and/or security experience. All officers are trained in and carry handcuffs, OC, and expandable batons. Officers are also certified in 1st Aid, CPR/AED, and FEMA IS 100, 200, 700 and 800. In addition, Judson University Campus Safety is a member agency of North East Multi Regional Training (NEMRT), which Campus Safety sends its officers to for training in a wide variety of subjects including bomb threat response, bicycle repair, self-defense, verbal deescalation techniques, drug identification, and other topics.

Q: Can I bring my firearms, paintball guns, bb-guns, slingshots, crossbows, poison frogs, hand grenades, airsoft guns, throwing stars, etc. on campus?

A: No you cannot. Judson University is a weapons-free zone. Students, staff, and faculty are prohibited from bringing weapons, look-alike weapons, or items furnished as weapons without the written consent from the Director of the Department of Campus Safety. Personal self-defense sprays such as pepper spray are permissible in small quantity. For further explanation, see the Policy on Weapons in the Student Handbook, or contact the Department of Campus Safety.

Q: Where can I smoke?

A: Somewhere else, please. Smoking is prohibited on Judson University property (including parking lots) and students, employees and visitors are expected to comply with this policy.  If you must smoke, please walk off campus, both the neighborhood next to Judson campus and the Tyler Creek Forest Preserve are accessible by pedestrian and popular places for smokers.

Q: Is skateboarding/rollerblading allowed?

A: Skateboards, scooters and rollerblades are allowed on roadways and sidewalk surfaces as a means of travel. Because of inherent safety risks, the construction/use of ramps for tricks or stunts is prohibited, as is the use of benches, raised surfaces, railings, and other objects.

Q: Where can I send a compliment/complaint/question?

A: Address compliments/complaints/questions to Interim Chief Nick Salzmann.


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