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Fire Safety

Get Out and Stay Alive

Get Out and Stay Alive is a program designed to help save your life in case you find yourself in a fire situation. This program focuses on three main topics: Getting Out, Prevention and Protection. Click Here to download the brochure in .pdf format.

If you detect a fire

Pull the fire alarm
Call JUCS (ext.9999)
Alert your neighbors
Exit the building immediately (your safety is more important than your property)

If the fire is small 

You may consider using a fire extinguisher if the fire is the size of a wastebasket or smaller
P = Pull the Pin
A = Aim the extinguisher nozzle at the base of the fire.
S = Squeeze or press the handle.
S = Sweep at the base of the fire from side to side.

Fire Extinguishers 

This is a mental checklist for a Fight-or-Flight Decision. Attempt to use an extinguisher ONLY if all of the following applies:

The building is being evacuated.
The fire department is being called.
The fire is small and contained.
The exit is clear and you can fight the fire with your back to a safe exit.
You can stay low and avoid smoke.
The proper extinguisher is available.
You have read the instructions and you know how to use the extinguisher.
Whenever possible, use the "Buddy System" to have someone back you up when using a fire extinguisher. If you have any doubt about your personal safety, or if you can't extinguish a fire, leave immediately and close off the area. Recharge any discharged extinguisher immediately after use.

If you are caught in a fire

Leave immediately
Use the stairs - fire could billow up the elevator shaft or cause the electricity to shutdown and trap you in the building.
If a door is hot, do not open it.
Close the doors behind you as you exit.
Crawl if you are caught in a smoke filled hallway (STAY LOW AND GO)
If trapped in a room, hang a towel or sheet out of the window - attract someone's attention by yelling.
Jam rugs or towels against the bottom of the door to keep smoke from coming in.
If your clothing catches fire - STOP DROP, AND ROLL

Additional Tips 

Never tamper or obstruct a smoke detector or other fire safety fire equipment.
Do not overload extension cords - use surge suppressors.
Replace all fringed cords.
Report people responsible for activating false alarms.
Report missing or discharged fire extinguishers.
Evacuate building for ALL fire alarms and do not re-enter until notified by JUCS or the Elgin Fire Department.
Unplug all electric devices before leaving for weekend, holiday, or school breaks.

Handbook Policies 

Explosives, fireworks, flammables, indoor live Christmas trees, guns or deadly weapons are not allowed on any part of the campus, including the residence halls. No open flame lanterns or burning of incense is allowed in the residence halls by order of the Elgin Fire Marshall. Candle burning is prohibited in the Lindner Tower. Students who do not cooperate in evacuating a building when a fire alarm is sounded will be subject to disciplinary action. Fire drills will be scheduled periodically.

Any student found tampering with the fire safety system, including the fire alarms, extinguishers and the electrical system, will be subject to dismissal from the university. Student should assist the promoting of basic fire safety principles. Fire doors should not be propped open and belongings should not be placed in stairways or hallways.

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