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Executive Branch


Shalina Wozny

Student Body President - Shalina leads the Executive Committee and the Judson Student Organization. She presides over all meetings of the JSO and acts as the connector between the Student Body and the Judson University faculty, staff, administration, board of trustees, and alumni Shalina also leads the Student Government Branch of the Judson Student Organization which includes Dorm, Commuter, Academic and Arts representatives. She leads the Student Government Branch to conduct student body elections and periodic surveys of the student body.

2013 Greg

Greg Butler

VP of Social Activities - Greg leads the Social Activities Branch which is made up of Social, Dorm, Commuter, and International Activities Coordinators, and BASIC. He leads the Social Activity Members to fulfill their primary responsibility of coordinating campus activities and events - such as Homecoming, Christmas Banquet, Spring Banquet, and large scale campus wide events.


Julianna Akuchie

Executive Treasurer - Julianna oversees all funds allocated to the Judson Student Organization and distributes these funds in accordance with the JSO financial policies. She maintains careful record of the collection and distribution of funds and provides monthly financial reports to the JSO.


Lindsay Happ

Executive Publicist - Lindsay is in charge of advertising for events put on by the Judson Student Organization. She is the creative brains behind the posters and videos posted and shown on campus.

2013 Lexy

Lexy Raines

Executive Assistant - Lexy records and distributes the minutes of each Judson Student Organization meeting to the Student Body and maintains a permanent historical file of JSO meeting minutes. She confers with the President to prepare and distribute agendas for weekly JSO meetings. She coordinates communication for JSO and is the official correspondence between the Executive Council and3 the Judson Community. Katelyn also coordinates and distributes JSO monthly calendar to the Student Body.


Kevin Bieschke

Executive Web Editor - Kevin coordinates and develops content for the Judson University web site related to the Judson Student Organization and JSO events and issues. He performs daily, weekly, and periodic major and minor revisions and additions to the web site including audio files, pictures, blogs, and other documents. He partners with various members of JSO and the student body to report on different events and aspects that faithfully represent life at Judson University via the web.


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Executive Committee offices can be found in the JUBU

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