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The P's of my Event


Event Date:


PURPOSE: (what are you trying to accomplish with this event? Your purpose should permeate every detail of your event.) 
PULSE: (Is this event based on a felt need, a change you want to see, or recent buzz? What about this event will make their hearts beat faster?!) 
PLAN:(This is the who, what, where, when, how much of your event. What details will make (and keep) this an "A" event? Will I be upfront at any time to address people? What am I going to say, exactly?)
PROMOTION: (how much will you let people know about, and get them excited for, your event? What hasn't been done before? When will you begin to promote your event, at least one week out for small scale events, more for bigger scale) 
PRAYER: (make sure you are lifting this up to God and involving him in the process. Be cheerfully expectant about how he is going to show up!) 

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