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RA 2014-15 Application

Thank you or considering a Resident Assistant position at Judson University. Please complete the entire application (all * fields are required) and be sure to click the "Submit" button at the bottom when you're done. We're glad you're taking the time to apply and we will prayerfully consider your application for this incredible ministry opportunity. Feel free to speak with one of the Resident Directors, current RAs, or email: reslife@judsonu.edu with any questions you might have.




Phone Number:


Are you an athlete? What team(s): 


Your Email: 




Year during 2014-15: 



Cumulative GPA: 


Current Age: 



Please answer the following questions:


What is your testimony? (How did you come to know Jesus Christ?)



How does your testimony/ spiritual journey influence your everyday life?



What is your understanding of salvation?



How do you communicate the message of salvation to others?


While at Judson, which local church do you attend and what is your involvement there?


What personality strengths may help you in the RA role? Which one's will hinder you? 



What personality weaknesses may hinder you in your role as an RA?



Please give examples of leadership roles that you have been a part of.


What is your "leadership style?"


How do you define "servant leadership?"


How has your approach to servant leadership played out during your time at Judson?


As an RA, you are required to lead a small group. What would be the main desired outcome for your group?


What steps would you take to accomplish this outcome?


What 3 words best describe you?


Where do you get your energy from? Being alone or with others? Please describe.


What activities will you be involved with next year? (Both on and off-campus.)


Which dorm would you prefer to serve in as an RA?


Is there any other information you would like to provide us as we prayerfully make decisions for RA teams for next year?



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