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Missions Application for Returners

General Information




Year in School     

Are you interested in receiving credit for your participation in a missions project?


Personal Information

1.Please list your involvement in Judson Missions Projects and the names of your leaders.





2. Why do you want to participate in another Judson Missions Project?




3. What are the barriers standing in the way of you successfully participating in a Missions Service Project with Judson?




4. Is there a specific partnership you feel led towards and why?





- I understand the importance of being present at each team meeting, including the overnight mandatory retreat.

- I will commit to weekly mandatory meetings.

 - I will commit to training.

 - I understand that there is a $25 non-refundable registration fee that will guarantee a spot for me if I am chosen after the interview process.

- I will send out support letters and participate in team fund-raising events.

- I understand that if I don't fund-raise I will not be allowed to go.

- I will have a servant's heart and a positive attitude on this service project.

- I will respect and follow my Team Leaders.

- I will continue to follow the Life Style Statement and Handbook standards while on this service project.

- I will follow safety precautions during the service project.

- I understand that if I break the terms of this agreement, my leaders may choose to send me home at my own expense.

- I have prayerfully considered this service project and understand the commitment that it involves.

-I understand that if I do not have 50% funded by the winter retreat, I will cover the rest out of pocket.


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