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Financial Aid & Payment Information

Financial Aid

Ford loans that are ready to go will show as disbursed on the online Semester Statement and will officially post to student’s accounts the week before classes start. If you do not see some of the financial aid listed or some items do not show as disbursed, please review the Financial Aid section on the Billing Semester QuickCheck from the Student Accounts page on your MyJudson site to verify the status of financial aid items. Remember, the online Semester Statement and your online Billing Statement are current and show up-to-date changes to the account. 

Payment Information

Important Dates

 August 11, 2014 – the date charges for the Fall Term are due (two weeks before the start of classes).

August 25, 2014 – Start of the Spring Term 

 August, 2014 Last day to change meal plans for the spring term–Contact Jerry Hultstrand at to request a change in the meal plan.

 August, 2014 Health Insurance Waiver Deadline–This is the deadline to submit to the Health Center (x2464 or x2465) the insurance waiver form and proof of your own health insurance in order for the insurance charge to be removed from the account. If you waive this insurance for the fall term the insurance charge should not be on your fall semester bill; the waiver also covers the spring term. If you do not want the school’s insurance, complete the waiver form and return it to the Health Center. The insurance waiver form is online under Campus Life/Campus Networks. Received waivers have been entered into our billing system so the current online Semester Statement should be correct concerning insurance charges. Students that need health insurance coverage and do not see the charge on their bill should also notify the Health Center to verify that they are covered. 

Payment Options

Tuition Deferment Plan (TDP)

Tuition Deferment Plans may be setup with the Student Accounts office (x2053 or x2055) for five monthly payments for the fall term (or nine payments for the full year).

Online Payments

Payments on student accounts may be made online via a link on the Student Accounts page on the MyJudson site. Just log on to MyJudson with your login ID (not the six digit student ID) and your password. Select from the menu, Student Accounts and then the link for Online Bills and Payments. 

Online payment options are:

  1. From checking or savings account (electronic check)  [There is no fee for this option]
  2. By credit card (VISA, Master Card, Discover, AMEX, Diners Club) [There is a 2.75% service fee for this option]

Online payments will post immediately to the student account

Other Information

Commuters – Remember, the Off-Campus Housing Request form must be submitted to the Housing Office each fall term for the new year. Housing charges will not be removed from your account until this form is submitted and the Housing Director has approved your application to live off campus. This form is online under Campus Life/Campus Networks.

Vehicle Parking Permits are obtained from Campus Safety and are required for each term. Once you register your vehicle the Vehicle Permit Fee will be charged to your student account.

Part-Time TRAD Students – You are billed initially for tuition as a full time student. The tuition will be adjusted according to your actual hours during the first week of classes. 

Registered but decide not to attend - Notify Jaimee Bartha (x2514) of your decision to withdraw to initiate the appropriate withdrawal form. You will be charged for a portion of the semester’s tuition and fees if you fail to initiate your withdrawal before the fall semester begins.


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