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Residence Life

The goal of the residence life staff at Judson University is to provide the physical environment and professional services necessary to create an effective educational living/learning experience, which will contribute to every aspect of student life-spiritual, social, academic, and physical. Interaction and cooperation are essential to personal growth in the residence hall. To this end, students and staff work together to communicate clearly, to encourage one another, and to uphold fairly the standards of communal living.

Meet Your Res Life Staff

Resident Directors (RDs) are members of the Student Development staff. The main responsibilities include coordinating and training the Resident Assistants (RAs), programming, counseling, and maintaining the physical facilities. Your RD is interested in getting to know you and can personally, or by referral, assist you with personal problems, spiritual concerns, academic problems, vocational and financial aid questions, and identification of other university resources.

Resident Assistants (RAs) are upperclassmen who assist the Resident Director in supervision, counsel, and direction of life and activities in the residence hall.

For general Residence Life questions, please e-mail or contact Lisa Jarot, Dean of Students, at

Student Leader Applications

If you are interested in being an R.A. or representative in one of the dorms, please see the Student Leader Applications page for more details.

Lindner Tower Contacts

Resident Director: Luke Wulbecker  847-628-5099

Resident Assistants:

  • Amie Anderson
  • JJ Eden
  • Christopher Gorman
  • Megan Hunt
  • McKenna Kritsch
  • Haley Kujawa

Dorm President:

  • Kilee Hoffman

Ohio Hall Contacts

Resident Director: Aubree Flickema  847-628-2099

Resident Assistants:

  • Aminda Abern
  • Hannah Guerra
  • Rosalie Mahler
  • Katherine Massey
  • Marci Nielson

Dorm President:

  • Ashley Quinlan

Volkman Hall Contacts

Resident Director: Erika Miller  847-628-7099

Resident Assistants:

  • Savanah Albanese
  • Tyler Hoffman
  • Gloria Lee
  • Mecca Morrison

Dorm President:

  • Anna Loeppky

Wilson Hall Contacts

Resident Director: Isaac Barber  847-628-3099

Resident Assistants:

  • Breyden Anderson
  • Elijah Bobell
  • Clayton Ganziano
  • Paul Herman
  • Shane O'Leary

Dorm President:

  • Joshua Rahn

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