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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a schedule of events for Welcome Weekend?

A. Yes, the schedule (when it is complete) will be posted at www.judsonu.edu/WelcomeWeekend.

Q. Is there a registration cost associated with Welcome Weekend?

A. Yes, it is $100 per student and it will be assessed to your bill once you register for courses. 

Q. Where do I check in? What do I need for the dorm?

A. Resident students can go directly to the dorm in which they have been assigned to. Your housing assignment will be found on your MyJudson site by mid-July (assignments are subject to change). If you're unsure of which dorm you've been assigned to, please contact the Housing Director at 847.628.1567. A dorm checklist is available off the Welcome Weekend website to help you determine what to bring and what not to bring.

Q. Are there hotels in the area if my family wants to stay overnight?

A. Yes, there are a few hotels within 2 miles of the university which offer a discount rate for Judson guests. The Hampton Inn is the preferred hotel for Welcome Weekend. Please check here for local hotels.

Q. What if I do not have all my campus business completed before Welcome Weekend?

A. It is okay. Campus offices will be open on Friday, but not during the weekend. The best time to complete campus business is from 9a-12p on Friday. It is strongly encouraged that no campus business is left after Friday of Welcome Weekend to allow you to engage in the activities prepared for you.

Q. I will have a vehicle on campus. How to I receive my vehicle registration permit?

A: Vehicle registration permits will be available during Welcome Weekend weekend and the first week of classes. ALL students who will have a vehicle on campus at any time will need to receive a permit. You can obtain your permit by going to the Campus Safety Office on the main level of the University Center. You will need a valid driver's license, valid insurance card and your vehicle details. Vehicles not properly registered by the deadline will have their vehicle booted, face additional fines and may have their vehicle towed.

Q. Do I have to attend ALL the Orientation events?

A. Orientation is mandatory for all new students (it is not necessary for readmit, Prep or graduate students), so be sure to clear your schedule to attend all the sessions offered. Please note: Students that are registered for GEN101 are required to attend the events with their mentor groups during Welcome Weekend as it is part of the GEN101 curriculum.

Q. If changes to my class schedule need to be made, who do I talk to?

A. You will talk with the academic advisor in which you have been assigned to. If you do not know who your advisor is, you can check your MyJudson account or contact the Registrar's Office at 847-628-1155. The last day to add a class for the fall semester is the Friday of the first week of classes.

Q. My parents want to come to Welcome Weekend. Can they?

A. Yes, of course! We would love for them to be a part of this new journey with you. There will even be a few sessions specifically scheduled for parents. We do ask that parents and guests depart campus after Saturday's lunch to allow you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself into Judson. 

Q. I have food allergies. Is there someone I can work with regarding my dietary restrictions?

A; Yes, Creative Dining would be happy to work with you. 

Q. Are there stores nearby in case I forgot something?

A. Yes, there are stores in the nearby area for you to complete your shopping. Target and Meijer are favorites and both are located on Randall Road. Wal-Mart is located on Rt.72. Resident Assistants (RA's) and Resident Directors (RD's) at your dorm can direct you to these stores upon your arrival at Judson.


Do you have other questions that have not been addressed here? If so, please contact Rachel Hamann, Director of Student Life at rachel.hamann@judsonu.edu.

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