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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Master of Education Program with ESL/Bilingual Endorsement is to provide quality and meaningful instruction for teachers who work with linguistically and culturally diverse students. We strive to develop the skills of teacher practitioners so they are capable of empowering English Language Learners to succeed in a global society.

Statement of Purpose

In the Master of Education degree program with an emphasis in ESL/Bilingual, certified teachers will have the opportunity to integrate graduate level research with professional challenges and enrichment within a Christian philosophical foundation. The new theories and ideas garnered will enable them to reflect on their current practices and generate creative approaches to enhance their instructional skills. Teachers completing this program will have a research-based skill set which will enable them to become master teachers in their respective fields.

Certified teachers will be educated to successfully provide instruction for a diverse population by acquiring an understanding of human development, learning styles, multiple intelligences, and special needs. They will be equipped with proven, state-of-the-art strategies for motivating and managing students, for resolving conflict, and for assessing learning. In addition, they will learn methods for teaching reading and writing across the curriculum, and will strengthen mastery of their subject(s) and knowledge of how to integrate curriculum. Teachers completing this program will be well versed in the use of computer-based technology for improving instruction and disseminating grades. They will be familiar with issues regarding school law, including state standards, school board issues, and administrative responsibilities. They will also be prepared to handle situations arising from societal issues, such as cultural diversity, English language learners, family issues, and confrontation and/or violence.

Instruction will be delivered in an accelerated format over a period of 15 consecutive months with 12 months of actual attendance and instruction. The immediate application of this new learning to the classroom will ensure longer retention and improved performance. This expanded knowledge base will afford these teachers new insights into the entire educational process and its stakeholders--students, faculty, administration, parents and the community.

Program Outcomes

  • Increase one's marketability in the field of early childhood, elementary, middle school, and secondary education
  • Promote cross-cultural understanding
  • Provide effective teaching, assessment, and classroom management strategies to use with non-native English speakers
  • Expand a teacher's ability to communicate and teach non-native English speakers

Distinctive Features

The University

Judson University offers the Master of Education with ESL/Bilingual Endorsement program in the context of a Christian environment. Judson University is an American Baptist-affiliated, evangelical Christian university of the liberal arts, sciences and professions. It is coeducational and offers the Bachelor of Arts degree and master's in architecture and education. At the same time the University is ecumenical in spirit and is open to all who wish to pursue academic excellence.

The University motto, "Our Calling is Caring," characterizes our Mission that:Judson University is an evangelical Christian university which represents the Church at work in Higher Education, equipping students to be fully-developed, responsible persons who glorify God by the quality of their personal relationships, their work, and their citizenship within the community, the nation and the world.

The Program

The "packaged" concept of the Master of Education with ESL/Bilingual degree program combines several attractive features to enhance the process of graduate study. Those features include:

  • Degree completion in approximately 13 months
  • Concentrated summer sessions
  • Focus on classroom application
  • Clear plan of the course sequence
  • Completion of the program with a cohort of not more than 20
  • Packaged tuition resulting in a lower cost per semester hour
  • Textbooks provided at no additional cost
  • Tuition payments due in full or on request arrangements can be made to spread over the life of the program in billable terms

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