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General Education and Electives

In addition to a convenient cohort model to complete your major, we offer a variety of ways you can earn the additional credits you may need to complete your accelerated bachelor's degree.

What are General Education credits?

General Education credits ("Gen Eds") are an important part of your Liberal Arts degree and are a reflection of a well-rounded education. You will need a specific amount of credits in key areas to graduate. You can transfer these credits into Judson or earn them here in a variety of convenient formats.

Subject Areas

  • English = 6 Credit Hours
  • Math or Science with Lab = 3-4 Credit Hours
  • Humanities = 6 Credit Hours
  • Social Sciences = 6 Credit Hours
  • Fine Arts = 3 Credit Hours
  • Total Credits Needed = 24-25 Credit Hours

What are Elective credits?

Elective credits are college-level courses earned in any subject area that interests you, and they help to round out your degree. You can transfer these in from other institutions, or you can take them here with our variety of credit options. You can even earn a second major, or a certificate or two, that also count toward your elective requirement of 56-7 credits. It's a way to be even more marketable when you've finished your degree.

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Learning was intense at times... but looking back, it provided me with the knowledge I was looking for.

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