The Presidents Club | Judson University Christian College

Welcome to the Presidents Club

We invite you to join a unique legacy...

The presidential tradition at Judson University is one of stewardship, leadership, and dedication. We are blessed to have a history of God-honoring, influential leaders who have left their mark on Judson, both physically and fiscally.

It is fitting that we should have a way to honor our most devoted and generous donors with the Presidents Club.

We want to recognize people who are willing to share a portion of their God-given gifts with Judson University on an ongoing basis, in an effort to help us fulfill our mission. Knowing that we have a circle of friends who have pledged to donate year after year, and some who designate Judson as a beneficiary in their estate planning as well, enables us to plan for the future of Judson and continue to offer a first-class Christian-based education to our students.

For a donation of less than $50 per month to the Judson Annual Fund,
you can be a Presidents Club member.

Membership Benefits

  • Donor name in Annual Report and Judson website
  • Exclusive invites to select events at Judson
  • Recognition at special Judson events
  • A Presidents Club pin, designating your giving level

Reasons for Giving are Diverse

  • A devoted husband may give to memorialize his wife, an alumnus, who is now with the Lord.
  • An educator can faithfully give as a way to say thank you to the university that helped her to become a teacher.
  • A graduate might give in honor of a past Judson president who impacted his life in a positive way.

Levels of Giving to the Judson Annual Fund

Sarah Judson Society

$500 or more annually

Ann "Nancy" Judson Society

$1,000 or more annually

Burma Society

$2,500 or more annually

Adoniram Judson Society

$5,000 or more annually

President's Society

$10,00 or more annually



Why Donors Give to Judson University:

“I just celebrated my 90th birthday. Experience has taught me that the torch must be passed to help future generations grow into Godly leaders. Giving young, impressionable minds the chance to be taught within a fervent Christian community is important to our future. Young people need an opportunity to learn in an environment that will not only nourish their minds, but also their souls. Judson University is that kind of place.”

- Marjorie McMahon, who has been sending monthly gifts to Judson for 28 years

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