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Graduate Outcomes


Biblical Understanding & Interpretation: Interpret a passage of Scripture based on an in-depth, experiential understanding of biblical cultures, geography, and history, enabling the student to communicate the biblical text with passion, depth, and effectiveness.

  •  Capstone: Applied Research Project  
  • Capstone: Final Reflection & Development  Paper Interpretive Article 
  • Biblical History Presentation

Theological Integration: Evaluate various theological positions as well as articulating and defending one’s understanding of and positions on foundational areas of Christian theology in relationship to ministry praxis.

  • Capstone: Applied Research  Project 
  • Capstone: Final Reflection & Development Paper 
  • Practical Theology Paper
  • Theological Foundations Paper  

Culture & Ministry: Construct an integrative, strategic approach toward culturally-directed ministry, based on an analysis of a specific cultural context, and which reflects theological, philosophical, & developmental issues.

  • Capstone: Applied Research  Project 
  • Capstone: Final Reflection & Development Paper 
  • Contextual Ministry Analysis & Development Plan


Human Development & Ministry: Critique and design ministry programs and practices that address the developmental needs of persons at various stages

  • Capstone: Applied Research Project 
  • Capstone: Final Reflection & Development Paper 
  • Developmental Analysis: Group Onsite Case Study & Presentation  

Leadership: Cultivate a healthy ministry team, based on theoretical, biblical and theological foundations, and develop additional leaders who can continue to multiply the process.


  • Capstone: Final Reflection & Development Paper 
  • Ministry Team Development Paper
  • Supervisor Evaluations  

Administration: Design a ministry model for a specific context, integrating theological and philosophical foundations with strategic implementation of ministry praxis, based on research in the primary sources within one’s field.

  • Capstone: Final Reflection & Development paper   
  • Ministry Model Research & Critique
  • Ministry Model Design
  • Curriculum Development Project  

Teaching & Speaking: Develop and practice a theology and philosophy of preaching and teaching, grounded in underlying theories of education and homiletics, with attention to strategic curriculum development in a ministry organization.

  •  Capstone: Final Reflection & Development Paper  
  • Philosophy of Christian Learning
  • Curriculum Development Project


Mentoring & Discipleship: Generate a model of mentoring and discipleship, including the development of a training program for adult mentors, rooted in the principles of relational praxis, inter-generational theory, and human growth, supported by an in-depth, experiential understanding.

  • Capstone: Final Reflection & Development Paper  
  • Mentoring Relationship & Paper
  • Mentoring Plan
  • Guided Mentoring Relationship  

Calling & Identity: Cultivate a personal and ministerial growth trajectory through reflection on one’s life, leadership, and ministry in interaction with a mentor, supervisor, ministry peers, and ministry participants.

  • Capstone: Final Reflection & Development Paper  
  • Inventory Analysis & Development Papers
  • Mentoring Relationship Paper


Spiritual Formation: Critique and modify the practices of a Christian ministry based on the principles of effective evangelism and spiritual formation.

  • Capstone: Final Reflection & Development Paper  
  • Jesus Trail Journal & Reflection Paper  

Specializations: Develop and defend a model of ministry for a particular ministry context, based on an understanding and evaluation of contemporary approaches, principles, and models in an area of specialized ministry, as reflected in the precedent literature.

  • Capstone: Applied Research Project  
  • Capstone: Final Reflection & Development Paper 
  • Ministry Model Research & Critique
  • Ministry Model Design  


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