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Students who register at Judson commit themselves to an academic program for one or more semesters. Prior to registration, students are required to check for holds on MyJudson and resolve the holds with the appropriate offices.  Students’ tardiness in fulfilling obligations or in submitting required credentials may delay or cancel their registration.

Traditional students receive guidance from their advisor and the Registrar’s office throughout their Judson journey.  However, students are ultimately responsible for understanding and fulfilling graduation requirements.

Registration procedures at Judson depend on the type of student:

Continuing Traditional Students: Late March to Early April, continuing students receive a Judson email from the Registrar which explains the pre-registration procedure.  Using their degree audit, their 4 year plan, the catalog and the course schedule on MyJudson, the student selects courses and completes the Student Worksheet for Registration.  The student then sets up a meeting with their advisor who reviews the worksheet and clears them for registration.  At this point the student will be allowed to register on MyJudson for the following fall, spring and summer at their assigned time according to their classification - seniors first, freshmen last. 

New Traditional Students:  Once a new student has met all admission requirements they are emailed logins for MyJudson and Judson email.   At this point, their records are forwarded to the Registrar’s office for processing.  Normally, within 7-10 days an advisor is assigned and a New Student Packet is emailed to the student’s personal email.  Once their deposit has been received, the student will receive another email with registration details.  Students may sign up for one of Judson’s Registration Days where they will meet with an advisor, register and take care of business with other offices. Or, in some cases a phone/email advising appointment can be arranged.   After the advising appointment, the advisor clears the student for registration on MyJudson.   The advisor and the registrar’s staff are available to help the student navigate MyJudson and register.  Any of the processes mentioned above can also be completed Orientation Weekend just before classes begin.  The Registrar’s office reserves the right to pre-load general education courses to assure accuracy.  The student is allowed to change sections of pre-loaded courses if necessary.

Readmit Traditional Students:   If a student withdraws during a semester or does not attend one or more semesters, the student is required to complete the admissions process again.  Registration is the same as for new students (see above procedures).

Unclassified Students:   Non-degree seeking students are registered by the Registrar’s office and will be held to the same drop/withdrawal policies as degree seeking students.  Please call (847) 628-1160 for details.

High School Prep Students:  Prep students are guided through the process by the Prep Program Coordinator in the Registrar’s office.  The registration process is much the same as for traditional students depending on whether they are new or continuing (see above procedures). Please call (847) 628-1157 for details.

Late Registration Fee:

A late registration fee is charged for students who register after open sessions announced by the Registrar each semester.

Adding and Dropping Courses

To make official changes in student class schedules after the first week of classes, students must file an add/drop form for each course added or dropped. These must be approved and signed by the student's advisor and course instructors. Verbal requests are not accepted. The date a signed form is filed in the Registrar's office is the date it is effective.

  • Adding: Courses may be added until the Friday of the first week of classes, provided students are qualified to take the courses, and the classes are still open. Only for unusual circumstances will any addition to a student's schedule be permitted after Friday of the first week, upon approval of the advisor, instructor, registrar and provost.
    Should a student who is not registered for a course attend, participate, and even be assigned a grade for the course, the unregistered student will not receive a grade nor receive credit for that course.
  • Dropping: Courses dropped through Friday of the first week of classes are not included in the student's permanent record. Tuition will be recalculated based on the new course load. There is no refund for courses dropped after this date. If the form is received by the Registrar's office after Friday of the first week, the student is responsible for payment of tuition and a grade is assigned as explained below.
    An add/drop fee will be added to any student's account when a course is added or dropped after the first Friday of the first week of classes.
    Courses dropped between Friday of the first week and the tenth week are recorded with a W (withdrawal). Courses dropped after the tenth week are assigned a grade of WP or WF as assigned by the professor. A grade of D- or above must be earned as of the withdrawal date if a WP is to be assigned.
  • Prerequisites:   Instructors may do individual course authorizations in MyJudson to override prerequisites for their courses and allow students who have not met the requirements to register.  For students who have not requested course authorizations, instructors may check prerequisites and request that students who have not met the prerequisite drop the course.
  • Wait List:  As seats become available, wait-listed students are automatically placed into the class and notified.  Wait-listed students may ask the instructor to do a course authorization on MyJudson  to override the capacity and allow them to register.  Wait-listed students should check their MyJudson schedule periodically to see if their status has changed.  

 Should a student register for a course but never attend or cease to attend and never officially drop the course, the registered student will be responsible for payment of tuition and a grade of AWF will be assigned. Faculty members reserve the right to drop the student with an AWF per their course attendance policy.

Withdrawing From all Courses During a Semester

Students withdrawing from all courses during a term are required to attend an interview with the Director of Retention and complete the Student Initiated Withdrawal form.  The withdrawal will not be processed until this form is completed, signed and submitted to the Director of Retention by the student. Refunds will be issued according to the Tuition and Fee Refund for Withdrawal schedule, which can be found in the Financial Information section of this catalog under Refunds. Final grades will be issued according to the University Withdrawal Calendar, which is available from the Registrar's office. Students who leave Judson University during a semester without completing, signing and submitting the Student Initiated Withdrawal form will be held liable for all tuition and fees, and will receive grades of Administrative Withdrawal Failure (AWF) for all unfinished courses.

  •  Military Withdrawal: Withdrawal for military reasons is total or none; a student is not allowed to withdraw from some courses but not others. A copy of the government's official "Call or Recall to Active Duty" documentation is absolutely required, and should be attached to the Student Initiated Withdrawal form. Grades of "W" for "Withdrawal" are recorded on the official academic record; these grades are non-penalizing. All tuition and fees paid by the student for the semester the student is withdrawing from will be refunded at a rate of 100%; however, room and board will be refunded on a pro rated basis through the date of withdrawal. If, in the future the student wishes to return to Judson University, he or she must reapply in accordance to the university's readmission policy, as outlined in this catalog.
  • Medical Withdrawal: Withdrawal for medical reasons is total or none; a student is not allowed to withdraw from some courses but not others (rare exceptions may be made by written appeal to the Associate Vice President for Student Success). Written medical documentation from a licensed physician/psychiatrist/other health care provider approved by the university is absolutely required, and will be taken into consideration along with other factors/information in evaluating the requested withdrawal. All documentation should be attached to the Student Initiated Medical Withdrawal form. Grades of "W" for "Withdrawal" are recorded on the official academic record; these grades are non-penalizing. The student is responsible for tuition and other appropriate charges up to the day of official withdrawal as outlined in the university catalog's Tuition and Fees Refund Policy. However, in the event of a severe or life-threatening medical condition to the student or an immediate family member, the student may appeal in writing to the Associate Vice President for Student Success for consideration above and beyond the normal refund policy. Such appeals must be made in writing, dated and signed. The letter must fully explain the circumstances involved and specify the consideration desired. A signed physician's letter explaining the medical condition must accompany the appeal. All appeals will be reviewed within 30 days of receipt and the student will be notified of the refund determination in writing. The student cannot resume study in a subsequent term until a licensed physician/psychiatrist/other health care provider approved by the university provides written documentation that the student is "now healthy enough to resume university study." The student must then reapply in accordance to the university's readmission policy, as outlined in this catalog.
  • Complete Cancellation: Students who wish to cancel their registration for a given semester prior to the beginning of that semester must notify the Director of Rentention. Students may cancel their registration prior to the first day of the semester or post-term with no penalization to their academic record and without financial obligations. However, students who pre-register for courses, but decide not to return to Judson and do not notify the Registrar's office in writing prior to the first day of the semester, will be held liable for all tuition and fees and will receive grades of Administrative Withdrawal Failure (AWF) for all unfinished courses. Note: If you are pre-registered for both the Fall and Spring semesters, you are responsible for the withdrawal of both terms. It is the students responsibility to check their registration status.

Dismissal Policy

All Judson University graduate students must meet the specific requirements of the individual program. A graduate student will be placed on Academic Warning when the overall cumulative GPA falls below the minimum program graduation requirements. The student will work with the program chair to develop a plan for raising the GPA (e.g., improvement within the next two courses; one term) to the respective requirements. If the student is unable to increase the GPA within the documented plan requirements, the student is automatically withdrawn from the University. Graduate students must be in a position in which they are making continual progress toward earning a degree. If situations arise in which the student is unable to progress toward graduate degree completion, the student’s academic standing will be reviewed and determined by the Graduate Academic Policies Committee.

Class Attendance

Class attendance and participation are expected. Class attendance policies are determined by the individual professor and distributed at the beginning of each course.

Semester Final Examinations

The final exam period spans the last four days of the traditional semester.  The Final Examination Schedule is posted on MyJudson and emailed to faculty and students prior to the final exam period each semester.

  • Every class meets during its scheduled examination time and attendance is required, whether or not a final examination is given.
  • Students are required to take final exams as scheduled.
  • A faculty member may require or excuse a graduate from an exam.
  • A student who has more than three final exams during one day of the exam period, may petition the Registrar for a make-up exam on a different day.
  • Students should not schedule early plane, train or bus departures.  Students sharing rides must delay departure from the campus until all riders have completed final exams.

  • Student Success and Registrar's Office Staff

    Virginia L. Guth
    Associate Vice President for Student Success and

    University Registrar


    Heather Johnson
    Assistant Registrar


    Maria Aguirre
    Academic Advisor - Adult Professional and Graduate


    Jill Smith
    Academic Advisor - Adult Professional


    Kat Hamilton
    Academic Records Coordinator - Adult Professional


    Caitlin Kiel
    First Year Freshmen Advisor
    Enrollment Verifications
    Transcript Orders


    Susan J. Kunze
    Catalog and Course Coordinator


    Kirsten Olson
    Transfer Student Director


    Jill A. Hargis
    Graduation Advisor


    General Inquiries

    Test Proctoring

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