Undergraduate Catalog - Interior Design | Judson University Christian College

Interior Design Major with Architectural Studies Minor

Important Notes:

  1. 40% of major requirements must be completed at Judson University.
  2. 40% of major requirements must be upper division.
  3. No grade lower than C- accepted for major requirements.
  4. Minimum  Major GPA of 2.5 for all Interior Design Majors.
  5. 131 semester hours required overall 

Gen Eds required by major (non-degreed students):

ART111 or DES121 Also fulfill Gen Ed Visual & Performing Arts Requirement


Required = 6 courses, 17 hours

  • ARC101 Shop Stewardship Materials and Processes
  • ART111 Drawing I
  • ART211 Drawing II
  • DES121 Design I
  • ARC122 Communication and Architectonics
  • ARC222 Construction Tectonics and Assemblies 


Required = 6 courses, 20 hours

  • ARC231 History of Architecture I
  • ART225 History of Art II
  • ARC251 Heuristics and Architecture
  • ARC252 Architectural Design Explorations
  • ARC310 Digital Design Simulation
  • ARC321 Theories of Environmental Stewardship


Required = 12 courses, 47 hours 

  • INT322 Building Systems
  • INT323 Textiles, Materials and Sourcing 
  • INT324 Building Codes and Universal Design
  • INT328 Case Studies in Construction Detail
  • INT331 History of Interiors and Furnishing
  • INT351 ID Studio I, Space Planning, Ergonomics
  • INT352 ID Studio II, Residential, Kitchen, and Bath
  • INT381 Interior Design Study Tour (summer)
  • INT428 Case Studies in Lighting and Acoustics 
  • INT451 ID Studio III, Commercial Contract/Heathcare 
  • INT452 ID Studio IV, Integrative Design Thesis

Open Elective - 300 level or above any discipline  


Required = 2 courses, 6 hours

  • BUS101 Introduction to Business
  • INT462 Interior Design Professional Practice

Total Required Hours:  90

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