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Student Research Symposium

The Student Research Symposium, coordinated by The Honors Program and the School of Liberal Arts, Sciences, and Education, provides an opportunity to celebrate some of the best work being done by Judson students and gives our students valuable presentation experience.

About the 2015 Student Research Symposium

Monday, April 20, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Eagle Lounge, Lindner Tower.

For more details and a list of presenters, see the official press release for the event.


Research Presenters

2015 David Mackh "This conference will help me to accomplish my professional goals by giving me the opportunity to distinguish myself in my field."
David Mackh, Elgin, Ill.
Presentation area: Christian Ministries
2015 Caitlan Litzenberger "This is a great opportunity to help me enhance presentation skills and become confident about sharing my artwork with others in the future."
Caitlan Litzenberger, Chicago
Presentation area: Art and Design
2015 Olivia Shaple "I am beyond thrilled to receive the honor to speak on a topic I am very passionate about at the symposium. With my presentation, I hope to open the minds of others and help them to see the hazards of golf course pollutions, and hopefully change the future by exposing these core issues."
Olivia Shapley, Uniondale, Ind.
Presentation area: Exercise and Sport Science
2015 Jordan Rossi "Sharing the opportunities alternative medicine has to offer the community can benefit the lives of individuals, not only to relieve symptoms but also to improve the quality of life."
Jordan Rossi, Plainfield, Ill.
Presentation area: Exercise and Sport Science
2015 Alex Hays "The Student Research Symposium will give me experience presenting my work in front of others. Listing the Symposium on my CV will be beneficial when applying to graduate schools."
Alex Hays, Chicago
Presentation area: History
2015 Mitch Mallary "Presenting at this year's Student Research Symposium will be another opportunity to prepare for my career as a research professor. Speaking at conferences and sharing my work with others are essential skills that I will be able to hone and develop at the symposium."
Mitch Mallary, Cordova, Ill.
Presentation area: Biblical and Theological Studies
2015 Tyler Kerley "The privilege of presenting my work at the 2015 Student Research Symposium will be integral to my academic career. That is because it will afford me the opportunity to sharpen my intellectual abilities, particularly through oratorical presentation, clarify questions in regards to my work, respond to possible objections to my thesis, and interact with the diversity in the liberal arts."
Tyler Kerley, Benton, Ill.
Presentation area: Biblical and Theological Studies
2015 Alec Shover "Participating in the 2015 Student Research Symposium will benefit me in the future by allowing me to present my ideas about the holes in the current anti-trafficking organizations and what I believe is required in order to see a sharp decline in the human trafficking industry. Inclusion in this Student Research Symposium will also look good on my graduate school applications and introduce me as a scholarly voice for potential future events speaking on the topic of human trafficking."
Alec Shover, Algonquin, Ill.
Presentation area: Christian Ministries
2015 Rogelia Pena "Being able to share my research about the way standardized tests are affecting the fastest-growing segment of the school population will allow me to be an advocate for my future ESL (English as a Second Language) students."
Rogelia Pena, Caracas, Venezuela
Presentation area: Education
2015 Jonathan Sherwell "The Student Research Symposium is a great opportunity to share with others the knowledge we have gained throughout our studies, and practice communicating information in a succinct and accessible manner."
Jonathan Sherwell, Chicago
Presentation area: Biblical and Theological Studies
2015 Andrew Witek "I am looking forward to the opportunity to condense all the research I have done into a format understandable to those outside of the field, an experience that will be extremely helpful in practice."
Andrew Witek, Hickory Hills, Ill.
Presentation area: Architecture
2015 Amanda Muhlena "The Student Research Symposium will provide me the opportunity to speak about my work to a wider audience. The chance to receive feedback on my artistic practice is one I am incredibly grateful for."
Amanda Muhlena, Lombard, Ill.
Presentation area: Art and Design


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