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Student Research Symposium

The Student Research Symposium, coordinated by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and The Honors Program, provides an opportunity to celebrate some of the best work being done by Judson students and gives our students valuable presentation experience.

2014 Student Research Symposium

Wednesday, April 16. Sessions at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m


Highlights from the 2013 Student Research Symposium

Student Research Symposium 2013 1

On Wednesday, April 3, Judson University held its first ever Student Research Symposium featuring presentations from eight undergraduate students representing Judson's different academic disciplines. Organized by The Honors Program and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the symposium is a celebration of some of the best work being done by Judson undergraduates. Presentations range across the disciplines offered at Judson, including theology, music, architecture, literature, science, film studies, and art.

Presenters at this inaugural symposium included:

  • Samuel Szobody, Department of Architecture, "Machine Climatique"
  • Katelyn Horgan, Department of Science and Math, "Creation of a Geranyl Pyrophosphate Synthase -Limonene Synthase Self-Processing Polyprotein to Improve Limonene Production in Camelina sativa."
  • Timothy M. Kuhn, Department of Biblical and Theological Studies, "A Redemptive Innocence: A Synthesis of the Theologies of Art and Aesthetics of Alejandro García-Rivera."
  • Nathan Nevius, Department of Biblical and Theological Studies, "The Church as Christian Apologetics"
  • Jake Regan, Department of Communication Arts, "Production Empire"
  • Sam Lundberg, Department of Communication Arts, "Peckinpah avec Lacan"
  • Ben Richardson, Department of Music, "Alban Berg: Infusing Modernism with Tradition"
  • Joanna Zwanzig, Department of Art and Design, "Wonder: The Significance of Scale"


Student Research Symposium 2013 2



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