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Jeremy Lindsey

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Name:Jeremy Lindsey
Title:Assistant Professor
Office Location:HAWAC 407


M. Arch, 2005, Judson University
Bachelor of Art & Architecture, 2004, Judson University


Jeremy P. Lindsey sees architecture as the most common way in which we make sense of our immediate environment and the world at large, meaning that how and what we design is tantamount to one’s worldview. Professor Lindsey teaches in Judson’s undergraduate program, primarily in first and second year design studios, and seeks to not only train the most capable beginning designers, but to also instill a sensitivity to spatial and aesthetic experience and their direct relationships to human perception and understanding. His current research and pedagogical focus includes the significance of the physical act of making, and its resulting artifacts, within the design process and its relationship to the actual built environment. Professor Lindsey is actively committed to a sustained engagement with the built environment through private practice. He is serving as Faculty Councilor for Judson University to the ACSA as well as being involved in the NCBDS.


“New Faculty Exhibition” - September 2008
Draewell Gallery, Judson University
Presented Works:
-Private Residence, St. Charles, IL [Eight Color Photographs]
-Proposed Urban Restaurant, Geneva, IL [Basswood Model, 1:1/4”]

Presented talk:
“Faithfull Aesthetics” - Judson University, June 2010
A consolidated presentation given to students at Judson’s Design Discovery Workshop
expressing the significant role of design and aesthetics in one’s activity in the world, which is
the outworking of one’s worldview.

Presented poster:
“Concept - Form - Assembly” - Montreal, Quebec, Canada, March 2011
An exhibition of student work from ARC 252, highlighting the best examples of a project
that explored the relationship between the overall idea to the minute moments between the
materials that, when assembled together, formulate the governing idea.

Presented talk:
“Happy _________” - SoADA Chapel, Judson University, October 2011
A presentation that brings together seemingly disparate things and which asks the question,
“how far are you willing to go, and look odd to other, for the glory of Christ?”

Gallery show:
“On Christ & Architecture - Student Work Exhibition” - Draewell Gallery,
Judson University, March 2012
Currated and installed a student work, gallery exhibition to be viewed during the Department
of Architecture’s Innagural Spring Symposium, On Christ & Architecture. The exhibition
showed the spectrum of work completed within the entire six years of the architecture

Professional Societies or Affiliations

U.S. Green Building Council
ARCHES: Advocates Revitalize Cultural and Historical Elgin Sites
American Institute of Architects

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