Colin Gridley - Student Spotlight | Judson University Christian College


Colin Gridley - Student

Major: Architecture


Favorite Class: Drawing I


Best Way to Spend Free Time:  Spending quality time in Wilson Hall (a.k.a. conjuring up pranks to pull on each other, hanging out in other peoples' rooms while they're not there, or just watching a movie in the room that has the best TV and sound-system.)


Favorite Cafeteria Food: Rib-b-que Sandwich with seasoned fries and peanut-butter chocolate bars


Checks Facebook:  2 times a day


Favorite Professor: Prof. Lindsey was my favorite professor because he has really pushed me to go above and beyond what is required and he has sparked ideas in me, making me a better designer.  Also, Prof. Lindsey is also really relatable. He is always honest with the difficulty and challenges of a project, but then gives students the encouragement to complete it.  He always has words of wisdom.  One time, knowing that our class would be up really late working on a final project in studio, he and another professor came late that Sunday night to bring us pizza!

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