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Mission & Vision


Judson University is an evangelical Christian university that represents the Church at work in higher education, equipping students to be fully developed, responsible persons who glorify God by the quality of the personal relationships, their work, and their citizenship within the community, the nation and the world.


The vision of the Department of Art and Design is to provide coursework, studio work, and internships to prepare majors to:

  1. Work professionally in their chosen field.
  2. Gain admission to related graduate programs, where appropriate.
  3. Pursue appropriate professional training and life-long learning.
  4. Integrate the arts with the liberal arts and with their Christian values.
  5. The department, through scheduled exhibitions and activities, is also committed to the development of a widening aesthetic appreciation in all Judson students.

Kevin Lipp - Spotlight

Kevin Lipp

Kevin Lipp

“Judson definitely set me up for success in the print-based industry of graphic design. They gave me a chance to discover my own aesthetic and prepare myself for the reality of the competitive nature of the industry, especially in the freelance realm.” Kevin Lipp graduated in 2010 with a B.A. in Visual Communications and currently serves as a graphic designer for Crossway Books.


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