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Theta Alpha Kappa

Judson University Chapter
Alpha Eta Omicron

TAKThe Judson University chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa was chartered during the 2004-2005 academic year and now includes over thirty inducted members. Theta Alpha Kappa, the national honor society for religious studies and theology, has almost 300 chapters nationwide and is a society member of the Association of College Honor Societies. The faculty advisor for the Judson chapter is Dr. Eric F. Mason.

Students invited for induction into the Judson University chapter of Theta Alpha Kappa must be majoring or minoring in Biblical Studies, Theological Studies, Christian Ministries, Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies, or Worship Arts, all of which are programs with significant requirements in biblical and theological studies coursework. Students much achieve the following academic standards:

  • 3.5 GPA in a minimum of 15 hours of Biblical Studies (BST) and Theological Studies (THS) coursework
  • 3.0 GPA overall in coursework at Judson University
  • Three semesters in residency at Judson University
  • Top 35% in class rank at Judson University
Inductees (by year)
Cooper Flatoff (Theological Studies)
Tiffany L. Komosa (Christian Ministries)
Robert C. Kuhl (Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies)
Joshua Evan Snyder (Theological Studies and History double-major)
Alisa Zimmerman (Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies)
Geoffrey S. Arnold (Theological Studies and History double-major)
Malachi J. Brick (Biblical Studies)
Kiley A. Helgerson (Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies)
Brad Knight (Biblical Studies)
Luis Vargas (Biblical Studies)
Patrick M. Brennan (Biblical Studies)
Gregory W. Hanson (Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies)
Kendra E. Stewart (Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies)
Alicia Lorraine Fish (Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies)
Joanna Joy Grabenhofer (Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies)
John Andrew Stahl (Biblical Studies)
Ashley Mackinnon (Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies)
Megan L. Willis (Biblical Studies)
Kellie E. Bienert (Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies)
Robin Elizabeth Davy (Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies)
Michelle Marie Mulczynski (Worship Arts)
Emily E. Schlee (Biblical Studies minor)
Jonathan W. Sebastian (Biblical Studies minor)
Christopher Andrew Stewart (Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies)
Joel James Versypt (Biblical Studies)
Daniel J. Gregory (Biblical Studies)
Dennis Gruening (Biblical Studies)
Amy Elizabeth Isberg (Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies)
John Young Kim (Biblical Studies)
Michael Brandon Smith (Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies)
Benjamin E. Wakefield (Biblical Studies)
Richard W. Warren (Biblical Studies)

Faculty - Spotlight

Cosden_Faculty PageDr. Darrell T. Cosden teaches theology and philosophy. He came to Judson in 2007 after 17 years in Europe (Scotland, Russia, and Ukraine). Dr Cosden was formally the Lecturer in Christian Belief and Thought at the International Christian College in Glasgow, and he taught theology and ethics in Ukraine at the Donetsk Christian University. Dr. Cosden is particularly interested in faith and culture and how ideas, philosophical and theological, shape contemporary and popular culture.


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