Jillian Los | Judson University Christian College


Jillian Los - Student

Major: Business Administration-Marketing, Visual Communications Minor

Favorite Class: Marketing Fundamentals with Prof Voigt

Best Way to Spend Free Time: Hanging out in Lindner Tower with friends watching movies, playing games, or cheering on the top sports team at a dorm event.

Favorite Cafeteria Food: Southwest Lime Chicken

Checks Facebook: At least 4 times

Favorite Professor: Professor Voigt. Through his interactions with me as my advisor and my teacher, he has an incredible way of sharing his testimony and encouraging his students in their faith. Before each class he reads verses from Proverbs and applies them to our lives. His encouragement lies not only on a spiritual level, but he also thinks about students' academic and professional futures. Our Marketing Fundamentals final project was to construct a plan for our life by researching occupations, places to live, and other goals in the near future. For most, these are haphazard plans in the back of our minds, and we never stop to consider where we're headed in life, which is why I found this project so helpful. These are just a couple of examples of how he helps students determine their passions and how to pursue them in a career they enjoy. Although I haven't known Professor Voigt very long, the life experiences, wisdom and guidance he has provided have had a huge impact on my life.

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