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Mission & Vision


The mission of the School of Leadership and Business is to develop effective leaders, grounded in God’s word, committed to lifelong learning, and able to enhance their organizations and society.

The department offers a state-of-the-art business program designed to do the following:

  1. Teach students the interrelationships of their business courses while helping them integrate basic concepts into a comprehensive system of thought.
  2. Provide broad foundations of business theories, principles, practices and ethics needed to excel in business.
  3. Build in students an analytically-based, questioning mindset designed to make them competent problem-solvers.
  4. Develop personalized faculty-student relationships through mentoring, advising, counseling and tutoring.


The curriculum aims to teach students to:

  1. Strive to learn concepts of business as principles for thinking rather than facts to be memorized for tests and then discarded.
  2. Think in an analytical, systematic manner as they approach business situations and the problems encountered by growing, changing organizations.
  3. Accept change as an ongoing way of life and learn how to identify, adapt to, and create change with the goal of becoming "difference makers."
  4. Approach each business situation with a sound system of ethics and values.
  5. Strive for excellence in written and oral communication skills in order to compete with the best graduates of the premier schools of business.
  6. Learn hands-on, practical business techniques proven by practitioners in real-life business situations.
  7. Learn how to synthesize their Christian faith with their academic learning, to become mature, balanced, successful executives.

Core Values

God’s word is our foundation; real world application of theory is our educational practice; lifelong learning is our expectation; student-focused learning is our commitment; being salt and light is our aspiration.

Jillian Los - Spotlight


Jillian Los

“By learning excellent time management skills through taking multiple classes each semester I am now able to successfully prioritize my tasks at work and accomplish them successfully. Also, through the opportunity to work on campus in the Advancement Office I was able to understand office environments very well, which has aided my current position."

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