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Make the first smart business move of your career.

At Judson University, business is more than just business. It’s personal. Our faculty spent years working for Fortune 500 companies before stepping foot in a classroom. They’re committed to your success, in the business world and in your personal life.

In today’s post-Enron world, ethics and character are in high demand. Executives must live by a set of values that transcends the pressure of daily decisions. At Judson, business is taught as a values-based system of thinking.

Our practical approach to business gives you the opportunity to intern in nearby corporations and make major career connections just in time for graduation. You’ll also be well-prepared to continue towards your M.B.A. or other advanced degrees.

You’ll complete coursework in accounting, management, marketing, finance, and information technology with the opportunity to major in Accounting, Management, or Marketing.

The business program at Judson University is an intelligent investment. Just ask one of our satisfied graduates.

Jillian Los - Spotlight


Jillian Los

“By learning excellent time management skills through taking multiple classes each semester I am now able to successfully prioritize my tasks at work and accomplish them successfully. Also, through the opportunity to work on campus in the Advancement Office I was able to understand office environments very well, which has aided my current position."

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