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Students who graduate from a major like Judson  University's Sustainability Management program will be equipped to work in a number of sustainability-related careers. Several of the most popular job positions that employers are looking to fill include the roles of Sustainability Manager, Coordinator, or Director. Graduates may find themselves with one of these titles at a corporation or in the public and not-for-profit sector, or they may initially be working as staff under one of these individuals. Below are some of the typical expectations for these sustainability positions.

Sustainability Manager/Coordinator/Director

  • $35,000 - $118,000 (National salary data;
  • Must have excellent leadership and communication skills, because you will be interacting with a wide variety of people (students, committees, organizations etc.)
  • Must have good problem-solving skills -- usually organizations are looking for money-saving solutions with small upfront investments that will pay for themselves quickly
  • May be responsible for preparing an annual “sustainability report” to let everyone know how the organization is progressing towards its goals in sustainability

What Others Say about a Career in Sustainability Management conducted an interview with the University of Minnesota’s Sustainability Coordinator. In the interview, the Coordinator describes a typical day on the job as a sustainability coordinator, as well as discussing the types of training and education she found helpful in preparation for her job. posted an interview with Thomas Bergmark, who is the Sustainability Director at IKEA. In the article, Thomas talks about the various initiatives that the company is undertaking, such as the decision to charge five cents per plastic bag in order to discourage their use. He also discusses the challenges and progress towards involving their entire supply chain in green operations. 

In this Northeast Public Radio interview with Steven Cohen, the executive director of Columbia University’s “Earth Institute”  describes why he feels it is necessary for anyone in a business management position to have some knowledge of the basic scientific limits of our world. He believes that all business students should have some education on sustainability so that they can make better decisions with the resources that they are responsible for throughout their careers.


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