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Amy Shuflin

Amy Shuflin

Graduated from Judson: 2006
Guidance Counselor, Teacher, Chapel Coordinator, Local Member Care Associate
International Christian School
Caracas, Venezuela


What is one thing you love about your ministry?
“Working as a teacher at an international school with students from all over the world and all different religions allows me the greatest opportunity I have ever had to have a major impact on the life of a student and their family. I see the students every day for 8 hours and not only do I teach them in the class but also help them grow spiritually."

What is one way that Judson prepared you for ministry leadership?
“Judson's Youth Ministry program gave me the knowledge, tools and skills to be able to be a constant in the chaotic lives of my students and helped me equip teachers who were unfamiliar with how to minister to teens. It helped me to know WHY I do this and that is what matters more than anything else. Flashy programs and well-planned sermons aren't what reach a student for Christ, but a heart that is willing and is always focused on the purpose will."

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