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Ashley Berkholz

Ashley Berkholz

Graduated from Judson: 2011
Care Worker
Grace Children's Home
Henderson, Nebraska


What is one thing you love about your ministry?
"One of the best things about this ministry is the opportunity to see the growth the teenagers make while placed here, and the opportunity to walk alongside them in the process. For the kids to leave successfully from Grace it gives you that feeling that they will be alright in the real world even through the challenges they face."

What is one way that Judson prepared you for ministry leadership?
“I think one of the biggest ways that Judson prepared me for ministry leadership was the way they taught me to realize that ministry isn’t only about the textbooks and homework assignments, but that ministry is about hands on experience. I learned that sometimes the best ways to learn how ministry works is to get out there and learn for yourself through doing it.”

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