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Josh Stoxen

Josh Stoxen

Graduated from Judson: 2003
Vineyard Central
Norwood, OH


What is one thing you love about your ministry?
“I am the pastor of a small church/intentional community that is seeking to re-envision what it means to be a parish, neighborhood-based church in the city. I really enjoy seeing how God plants seeds of His kingdom all over the place and invites us to be part of the work of tending those seeds. I enjoy getting to be a part of God's work of transformation in the lives of the people He puts in my path, both in the church and in the neighborhood."

What is one way that Judson prepared you for ministry leadership?
“The sense of family was a real strength, as well as a comfort during difficult times. My major felt like an extended family, with professors that were both academically rigorous and relationally engaged. I was challenged in my studies but also held in caring relationships. There was also a good blend of psychology, theology, philosophy and biblical studies that has made for a strong foundation in my life and ministry."

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