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The YMAS program at Judson was fun, practical and holistic, my head and my heart were constantly being challenged.  The strength of the program is highlighted by the interaction one has with the professors and the family atmosphere that exists amongst the students in the YMAS program.

Lisa Jarot, Class of 2003
Assistant Vice President for Student Life
Judson University

“The depth of learning went beyond the 'programming' aspect of youth ministry and went more into the depths of understanding and working with people as a whole.” 

Dave Creek, Class of 2001, Student Ministries Director- Middle School, Mils Church,

“Every aspect of the YMAS program equipped me for my ministry experience.  I felt prepared and encouraged to be what God had created me to be while serving Him.”

Ali Rivera-Cranmer, Class of 2007, Church Concentration, Youth & Young Adult Minister, Geneva Lutheran Church,

“My admin/management class was a great course and really gave me the knowledge necessary to structure several youth programs that were previously without direction.” 

Kelly Schneider, Class of 2000

“The YMAS program at Judson is cutting-edge, thoughtful, relational and intentional. Thinking critically and contextually about ministry was the most beneficial aspect of the program for me.”

April Diaz, Class of 2002, Next Generation Pastor, Newsong Church,

“The YMAS program is real, difficult, challenging, inspiring, fulfilling and professional. The professors do an excellent job of pushing and challenging their students, being relational and genuinely caring. The program was very well rounded. I learned a ton working under a youth pastor and among students during pre-practicum, practicum and my internship.  The whole experience helped me learn and mature quickly.”

Ron Huisman, Class of 2003
Director of Student Ministries
Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church

“Working first hand with students and discussing Biblical and theoretical models for ministry effectiveness was beneficial in preparing me for both ministry and life.  The YMAS program at Judson is Biblical, strategic, incarnational and insightful.” 

Nate Perron, Class of 1999, Professional Counselor, Village Counseling Center,

“When I started out as a freshman, I was unsure about my future, but as I looked at the senior class and heard their testimonials of how 'worth it' the program was, I felt respect for them and the program.  I am currently an EFL teacher at an international school and what I learned about adolescent psychology, dealing with the tough things in student’s lives, mentoring, disciplining, protecting and working through the hard questions, was priceless.” 

Amy Shuflin, Class of 2006, Multicultural Settings Concentration, Secondary Bible Teacher, International Christian School - Caracas, Venezuela

“The well-rounded nature of the program helped me a lot.  We didn’t just study the Bible; 1/3 of my classes were Biblically related, 1/3 were psychology related and 1/3 were sociology related. The program is balanced, thought provoking, interesting and helpful – a great place to start.”

Dan Chmura, Class of 2004, Church Ministry Concentration, Pastor of Student Ministries, Victory Point Ministries,

“The highlights of the YMAS program for me were the mentorship and guidance I received from my professors and the hands-on experience during my practicum and summer internship.  The program is challenging, professional and exciting.”

Crystal Erickson, Class of 2004, Social ServiceConcentration



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