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Pastoral Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Leadership degree prepares students for leadership and ministry within a local church congregation emphasizing an understanding of bible, theology, and church ministry, along with the requisite leadership, management, and discipleship skills essential for congregational leadership.

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Christian Ministry

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries focuses on foundational areas of ministry leadership, while allowing the student flexibility to pursue other areas of educational development related to their unique ministry interests. Transfer students also benefit from the flexibility offered by this major.

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Youth Ministries & Adolescent Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministry/Adolescent Studies prepares students for careers serving adolescents in churches, para-church ministries, and social service organizations. Building on the common Christian ministry foundations of Bible, theology, leadership, mentoring, and administration, the program also emphasizes an understanding of adolescents, both their development and their culture. This enables students to pursue careers and graduate studies in social work and counseling, as well as the more traditional youth ministry vocations.

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Intercultural Leadership

The Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Leadership prepares students for leadership and service within non-governmental and faith-based organizations serving across cultures. This interdisciplinary degree combines coursework related to leadership, management, organizational dynamics, religion, sociology and psychology, with an emphasis on application to intercultural contexts and organizations.

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Vicki (Scambler) Syverson - Spotlight

Vicki Syverson

Vicki (Scambler) Syverson

"Take the time to seek God, learn from the lives of your professors and build strong friendships. Head knowledge can be learned from anywhere, but Judson can be a place where God can shape you into the person He wants you to be if you will allow Him to do that in your life."

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