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Mission, Vision & Program Goals


The department is home to three ministry degrees: BA in Youth Ministry & Adolescent Studies (YMAS), BA in Christian Ministries (CM), and a BA in Intercultural Leadership, all working towards a single mission:To educate, equip, and empower life-long spiritual leaders for ministry among people worldwide, strengthening the body of Christ for all generations.


All three majors are built on the premise that effective ministry requires the ministry leader to become an ongoing student of God's Word, culture, humanity, and ministry. This program is designed to provide students with the character development, spiritual growth, biblical and theological grounding, and skills needed for effective service in church and youth organizations. Students are taught timeless foundational ministry principals and practical application tools necessary for effective ministry in ever-changing and diverse cultures, whether in one's hometown or overseas.

At Judson, Christian Ministries & Youth Ministry/Adolescent Studies students are taught through a combination of practice and theory, allowing them to construct and develop their own philosophy of ministry. The programs involve extensive coursework in Biblical studies, social sciences, as well as in ministry specific areas. Students in the department can take advantage of a wide range of opportunities for study and real life experiences. All students are involved in ministry opportunities through practicum and internships.

The program emphasizes:

  • Relational Ministry
  • Biblical Integrity
  • Evangelical Theology
  • Creative & Critical Thinking
  • Intercultural Engagement & Experiences
  • Authentic Discipleship
  • Practical Ministry Experience

Program Goals

Learning Outcomes
Biblical & Theological Foundations Biblical Understanding & Interpretation Apply the exegetical processes to a biblical passage, using principles of interpretation and based on an understanding of the overarching biblical narrative.

Theological Integration Compare and contrast various approaches to foundational areas of Christian theology with emphasis on specific application to one’s area of ministry praxis.

Social Science Foundations Culture & Ministry Apply the principles of contextualization to the practice of Christian ministry, based on an understanding of cultural and theological foundations, and in reflection on both North American and various global cultures.

Human Development & Ministry Apply the characteristics of human development to the practice of Christian ministry, based on the insights of key developmental theorists and research.

Ministry Leadership Competencies Leadership Employ biblical, theological, and theoretical principles to the practice of leadership in ministry.

Administration Present and defend a ministry model, integrating theological and philosophical foundations with strategic implementation of ministry praxis, building on established approaches in one’s area of ministry.

Teaching & Speaking Apply the principles and skills of effective learning to teaching and speaking in Christian ministries.

Mentoring & Discipleship Explain rudimentary theological, philosophical and developmental foundations of mentoring and discipleship, practicing these principles based on holistic and inter-generational models.

Personal Foundations of Ministry Leadership Calling & Identity Articulate a sense of calling in life and ministry derived from self-reflection and participation in and affirmation of the Christian community.

Spiritual Formation Explain, demonstrate, and apply principles of Christian spiritual formation and effective evangelism in individual and communal settings.

Specializations Explain and apply contemporary approaches, principles, and models in at least one area of ministry specialization, based on an understanding of its biblical, theological, psychological, cultural, and historical foundations.


Vicki (Scambler) Syverson - Spotlight

Vicki Syverson

Vicki (Scambler) Syverson

"Take the time to seek God, learn from the lives of your professors and build strong friendships. Head knowledge can be learned from anywhere, but Judson can be a place where God can shape you into the person He wants you to be if you will allow Him to do that in your life."

Judson University, Shaping Lives that Shape the World