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Darren Wilson  

Darren Wilson

English, 1998
Filmmaker and Author


To fully explain WP TV, I need to tell you a story. It was more than 10 years ago, and I was in Redding, Calif., filming a relatively new school of ministry that focused on the supernatural. At the time it seemed wildly successful, with nearly 400 students enrolled (oh how times have changed!). I went out there by myself with my borrowed camera in tow, filmed some testimonies and an interesting night on the town doing something called “treasure hunts” with the students, and at the end of that night we were back in the Bethel parking lot calling it a night. As I was putting my gear back in my rental car, one of the students came up and asked if he could pray for me. Sure, why not. He then prayed something that, at the time, I thought was completely laughable. He said he saw a picture of me having my own network, where my movies and TV shows would play around the world, 24/7. It was absurd. I was in the middle of making my FIRST (and most likely my last) movie, and I definitely had no plans to make any tv shows. I was a full-time college professor, and would head back to my day job when I finished this little passion project, Finger of God. I thanked him for his prayer, then got back in my car, not quite sure if I thought these ministry students were crazy or just misguided. Bill Johnson seemed pretty cool, anyway. 

Over the following years, as more movies were made, I kept running into random strangers who would pray for me, and they’d see this crazy vision about a “network that will play your movies all around the world, 24/7.” If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say it was probably around 7 or 8 different prophetic words over the years, all saying the same thing. Every time it seemed utterly ridiculous. I mean, what kind of a network would just play 4 or 5 movies over and over again… 

And then YouTube happened. 

And then I started making TV shows. 

And then, while seeking the Lord on what to do next, He gave me the idea of going into everything we’d filmed together over the years, chopping it all up and pulling out stuff no one had probably seen, and making it all super simple to access. He also showed me what it could become, how I can finally have a place for all those little stories I encounter in life, miracle moments that don’t fit neatly into one of my films. A place that could be fresh, evolving, and would only focus on His heart and His kingdom. And the fact that people can now stream it through their Apple TV or Roku was the icing on the cake.And then, after I had decided to do it, He reminded me of all those words over the years—words I had discounted and thought silly. And once again I was left in awe of how far ahead of the curve God is and how little I know even when I think I’m in control. 

I have no idea if people will want to go for this new ride with me with WP TV. I sure hope they do, as I’ve got big plans for it in the future as long as people are into it. Right now it consists of, literally, everything I’ve ever done (movies, shows, specials, extras) cut down into easily digestible chunks, a fun, new little series called Conversations, and I’m starting to post about my new film as I begin to head down that road again. But moving forward, if we get enough traction, I want to start creating more exclusive content just for this, as well as keep putting all the new movies and shows I create on there. Maybe ONLY on there. Really, the sky’s the limit when you have your own channel. 

The truth is, no matter how much I do for the Lord, and no matter how often I see Him prove Himself or do something extraordinary, He always has something else up His sleeve to delight and surprise me. And my guess is that He’s done the same for you. 

And let’s be honest, He’s been doing this since time began. It’s just one of the many joys of following Him and pursuing friendship with the most kind, most loving, and most creative Person in the Universe.

So come join me if you will on this new journey of WP TV. It’s not Netflix, so don’t get the wrong impression. It’s a chance for you to come alongside and support what we do at WP Films, and in the process get something pretty cool in return. I can’t promise much, but I will promise to show you as much of God’s wonderful truths as I can! 

You can support us and sign up for WP TV at WPFILMS.TV.

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