English - Mission and Vision | Judson University Christian College


  1. To develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills that will enable the student to participate effectively and confidently in both written and oral discourse.
  2. To examine the use of writing in all its forms in both high and popular culture.
  3. To examine language, literature, worship and media as constructs of society, and how they inform culture-individually, locally, and globally.
  4. To value communication and its use as a divine gift, and to articulate its power and impact.

Sharon (Frank) Northington - Spotlight

Sharon Northington

Sharon (Frank) Northington

"Don't regret a second! Take the classes that appeal to you, major in what you want to major in, but have a back-up plan. What will you do if you can't make it as an artist or writer or youth minister? That's what is great about Judson in my opinion, because no matter what major or program you decide on, it's only a small part of the whole experience."

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