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Whether you want to be a writer, teacher, lawyer or social media guru, the Judson English department can give you the wide-ranging skills you need to thrive. The Literature Track runs the gamut from Homer’s Odyssey to Batman—with Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, and J.R.R. Tolkien in between—emphasizing the art of in-depth reading. The Writing Track concentrates on creative fiction and non-fiction, while the Media Writing Major is perfect for the future blogger, journalist, screenwriter, or new media specialist. Interdisciplinary options let you tailor a program to your unique needs, like adding courses in business, visual arts, or worship arts.

And if you love poetry but fear it won’t pay the bills, check out our English Minor, for literature or writing.

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Sample Courses

  • Hero and Anti-Hero
  • Man and Woman
  • Literature and Spirituality
  • Prophetic Comedy
  • Comic Books and Graphic Novels
  • Screenwriting
  • Creative Writing

Ed Gilbreath - Spotlight

Ed Gilbreath

Ed Gilbreath

"Judson’s English department helped me discover my love for journalism and nonfiction writing, and then gave me opportunities to develop and sharpen my craft. I can draw a direct line from the training I received at Judson to the career I have today. I’m forever grateful for this school, and especially for the faculty and staff who guided me toward my future."

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