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Communication is an essential part of everyday life, but all too often, our communication can become stale and ordinary. Judson University's English Department recognizes that effective communication in writing, film, business -in any capacity - is an art form of extraordinary measures.

Whether you wish to become a writer, literary critic, English teacher, journalist, blogger, or editor, a major in English will equip you with the academic, personal, and professional skills to pursue a rewarding career.  English majors enjoy theme-based courses for in-depth study on one concept such as "Man and Woman," "Hero and Anti-Hero," "Nature," or "Prophetic Comedy," which involves a global range of texts spanning the classical period to contemporary new media.

Special Events

Sharon (Frank) Northington - Spotlight

Sharon Northington

Sharon (Frank) Northington

"Don't regret a second! Take the classes that appeal to you, major in what you want to major in, but have a back-up plan. What will you do if you can't make it as an artist or writer or youth minister? That's what is great about Judson in my opinion, because no matter what major or program you decide on, it's only a small part of the whole experience."

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