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Elementary Education

Elementary Education majors at Judson receive a broad liberal arts education through general requirements, gain a thorough knowledge of teaching methods, and participate in a wide range of practical experiences.

General education requirements include writing, math, science, social sciences, and Bible classes. This encompassing curriculum allows students to receive a balanced education to prepare them for the content that is taught in the elementary or middle school classroom.

Methods courses include practical activities and assignments to fully prepare students for their careers. Professors present, model, and engage candidates in lessons that are directly applicable to elementary and middle school classrooms and students. The plethora of strategies presented will equip future teachers to better ensure that all students learn.

Practicum experiences happen every year at Judson. Elementary education majors participate in a wide range of activities that include after-school programs, private school settings, and public school classrooms. These experiences also incorporate a variety of grade levels within diverse settings.

The Judson elementary education program certifies teachers with a kindergarten through ninth grade, Type 03 certificate. A middle school methods course is not mandatory, but one is offered and highly recommended to better qualify candidates for middle school teaching positions. All elementary education majors declare a concentration to better equip teachers in a particular curriculum. Options for concentrations are listed below.


Christian Studies
Early Childhood Education
English as Second Language
General Science
Management Information Systems
Physical Education
Spanish Language and Culture
Visual Arts

For more information about elementary education at Judson, contact:

Professor Kristen Stombres
(847) 628-1083
Professor Joy Towner
(847) 628-1086

Emily Doyle - Student - Spotlight

Emily DoyleEmily Doyle is an Elementary Education major, and she enjoys spending her free time with friends either in the dorm or in Chicago.  Her membership in the Judson Student Organization (JSO) has been her most valuable experience at school.  She says, “This experience helped me grow closer with many people of other ages... [and] helped me to strengthen my faith.”

Kate Siscoe - Alumnus

Like many Judson alumni, Kate Siscoe chose to follow Adoniram Judson's motto, "Christ, the Light of the World," by venturing out into the world to share her faith and knowledge with others.  For Kate, a 2008 graduate of Judson's Education Program, the opportunity to teach at Sojourn Academy in San Jose, Costa Rica, was an opportunity to gain teaching experience and learn.

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