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Amber McVey

Amber McVey

Exercise and Sport Science, 2007
System Administrator, Ross Technologies
Belleville, IL


What do you do in your current job and what do you enjoy about it?
Currently I work for a technology company that supports the United States Army. I am an Army veteran and being able to work as a civilian to support their technologies has been very rewarding and I would say is what I enjoy most about my current job. We support information systems in the Enterprise System and work with a wide variety of organizations in order to reassure data availability.

How did your Judson experience influence you professionally? What were your favorite parts of being a Judson student?
The experiences with my peers and professors at Judson had the greatest impact on me professionally. Judson allowed us to build close relationships with those who were in our classes and around the campus. Going to a smaller college/university like Judson prepared me for what it would be like to work with smaller groups of people in the job place and work through issues, which may arise internally amongst us. Judson also prepared me for graduate school. Because of Judson's well-rounded education experience, I was able to apply, get accepted and earn my graduate degree.

What are the strengths of your major/program at Judson?
The strengths of my major/program of study at Judson was the implementation of a variety of classes which helped broaden my knowledge of different subjects, which influenced what I was studying. While my major was ESS/Sports Management, we were also required to study business and biology. These classes gave me a variety of knowledge of the different aspects and influences of the sporting and business community. Many of the classes and requirements of my major also helped me during the time I served in the United States Army. What I learned in my program prepared me to be a better leader to my soldiers and prepared me for rendering first aid and being a first responder.

What advice can you give to current and prospective students about their time at Judson?
My advice first and foremost to any prospective student and/or current Judson student is to make sure they enjoy their time there. Classes may be tough, but the reward in the end is worth it! Having pride in knowing that you graduated from a great school will carry you for years to come. Enjoying the time you had at Judson will fulfill you for a lifetime. If you do not enjoy what you are doing, think hard about reevaluating your path and what you may have to change in order to do God’s work better and fulfill what He has for you. Always be ready for the next challenge and step in your life and know that it is the grace of God that allows you to be successful and enjoy life.

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