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 Mission, Goals, & Objectives

Mission Statement

The mission of the Exercise and Sport Science Department is to develop students through effective instruction, vocational experiences, community engagement and professional organizations so they can contribute to their profession, promote their field, and be ambassadors for Christ.

Goals & Objectives


The Department of Exercise and Sport Science endeavors to be a premier professional program that attracts students interested in the field of recreation, sport, health and wellness, and education.

The Department of Exercise and Sport Science prepares students for a variety of careers and provides theoretical and application based courses, plus practicums, student teaching and internship experiences, in order to prepare ESS majors for:

  • Academic excellence through rigorous design and implementation of scholarship
  • Faith infusion through Christian faculty and opportunities
  • Global Experiences through internships, student teaching, practicums
  • Future leaders who are well-trained, equipped and qualified for their profession

Additionally, the Department of Exercise and Sport Science, through its continued community engagement, is committed to the development of healthy lifestyles through education and experiences that can be appreciated by all Judson University students.


Successful students in ESS are expected to meet the following objectives:

  • Be fully devoted Christian professionals that are passionate and competent in their field
  • Develop a personal moral philosophy and apply a personal code of ethics to a variety of situations
  • Actively involved in their professional organizations as well the community
  • Improve and implement oral and written communication through lesson plans, units, practice plans, projects, practicums, student teaching, and internships
  • Have a basic understanding of healthy lifestyles and demonstrate competence within their field of study
  • Develop skills that will improve oral and written communication
  • Design, implement, appraise, and evaluate programs and projects
  • Majors in physical education are prepared and certified to teach (see Education section)

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